Today Spick & Span window cleaners went down to West Dulwich  to do and end-of-builders window clean in West Dulwich SE21, for a large building contractor company, who carry out major maintenace and building work  for Southwark  and many other councils within London. After recently completing a load bearing wall that took eight contractors more than two months to complete, the building firm had been approached by a janitor of the nearby flats and a  local councillor of the area, and reminded of the need to clean the windows of the resident’s flats nearby that had been made a state due to the debris and dust from the building work.

After contact a number of window cleaning companies that were unable to carry out the work for various reasons, Spick & Span resonded to the call of the supervisor and were only too happy to do the needed work.

Eye for detail

Payment for the work was to be made out of the large contracting comapnies petty cash and it was neccessary that proof of the work as well as payment be privided. Spick & Span were able to provide an invoice for the work, which satisfied, these demands.

Rising to the Challenges

Because the builders had moved on to another location the deadline that  the work had to be completed by was very short, also the day that the work was a arranged for was very rainy, but still our agreement was met and the end of builders window cleaning work was completed.

All the windows were carefully counted before the window cleaning work commenced and the janitor was contacted to ensure that the right windows were cleaned, as previously had been agreed. While this held up work the window cleaner remained patient throughout.

Another aspect of this job that presented a challenge was that the windows were exteremely dirty, because the the building close proximity to the builder’s site and as a result of this dirt on the windows the water  and window cleaning detergent that was used to clean the windows became muddy after a short time of cleaning.

Welcomed recognition

Whilst cleaning the windows a resident in the flats was suprised to see her windows being cleaned. It was also very nice to receive a personal message from the supervisor thanking Spick & Span window cleaners for alll the help that they had provide and for helping them with this tricky situation.

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