Window cleaning in Mayfair  today was both rewarding and exhilarating as the weather in Mayfair was perfect for window cleaning, making the window cleaners work there a pleasure.
When you visit Mayfair to window clean you can never be too sure who you may see along the way.
Today for instance when going to clean the windows for this client we saw two Michelin starred celebrity chefs, also a well-known Antique roadshow expert who work in the Mayfair locality.
However what gives Spick & Span window cleaners the most enjoyment cleaning windows in Mayfair are the type of properties that we are asked to help clean in this area of London. This Mayfair property that we went to clean today was by far the main reason why Spick & Span take delight in cleaning windows in Mayfair and surrounding London neighbourhoods.
Spick & Span window cleaners worked on Sackville Street W1S  in Mayfair as part of a renovation project on behalf of property developer who had worked to transform this property estimated to be worth around  £50 million pounds. This Georgian period listed building had been given beauty treatment by local London based property developers, however the Georgian glass windows were dusty and grimy due to the building work as were the roof-lanterns. This Georgian period property stood tall in it’s surroundings and was majestically stunning in it’s appearance, but it now needed expert window cleaners who work in Mayfair to come down to Mayfair to clean the windows. Split over 5 levels it had original Georgian multi-paned sash windows which had iron bars, there were also 5 glass roof lanterns, serving as light wells to allow natural light to flood into the interior.

Spick & Span window cleaners had to liaise with a porter on site and had been appraised beforehand about the difficult access to many of windows that the property developers needed to be cleaned. Spick & Span took great care when working inside the building so as not to damage the carpets. Care was also taken by the window cleaners not to damage the recently installed parquet flooring with the foot of the ladders.
Spick & Span window cleaners work frequently on listed buildings in the Mayfair and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and use high reach and specialised window cleaning equipment that is adept at cleaning large buildings.
Spick & Span window cleaners are delighted to work for property developers and managers to carry out window cleaning services in Mayfair.

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