Today Spick & Span window cleaners went down to Notting Hill  to clean the windows of a top floor flat, of a stucco fronted terrace house in Notting Hill W11. The stucco fronted building was located on Collville Road which is located in the heart of Notting Hill , close to Portebello Road and near to the many shops that are in the area. The top floor apartment that Spick & Span window cleaners cleaned – had great views of london from it’s roof terrace.

[gmap]Collville Road, Notting Hill, London, W11 2BU[/gmap]

Why Required

The owner of this charming flat in Notting Hill was in desperate need of  window cleaning as they had not been cleaned in the two years of occupancy. This was no doubt because of the height of the windows and the  difficulty to access the windows from outside the property.

Why Chosen

The homeowner was very keen to choose a trustworthy window cleaning company and after to doing thorough research and checking Spick & Span’s  testimonials felt secure in using Spick & Span’s window cleaning services and showed this by even being willing to leave the window cleaner un-occupied in flat while she popped down to the shops.

Rising To the Challenges

Each window cleaning job  whether it be in W11 or another area of London presents its own unique and individual challenges, and window cleaning the windows of this property in Notting Hill proved to be no exception, however with the many years of window cleaning experience that Spick & Span have gained; challenges can usually be met successfully as was the case with cleaning the window cleaning of this house in Notting Hill.

The main difficulty of this window cleaner job in Notting Hill W11 was that because of the height of the property, all external windows could only be cleaned and accessed from inside the property, which in this case wasn’t too difficult, as all the 5 sash windows opened without any problems.

Another thing that made this job quite labour intensive was that one of the  5  sash windows was multi-paned.  Once the windows had all been cleaned with a window cleaners applicator mop and squeegee,  the windows needed to be rubbed with a scrim.

There was also a vVelux window that had to be cleaned. all window were cleaned internally and externally.

Wecomed Recognition

The end results of this window cleaning in Notting Hill  were very pleasing, because the windows were noticeably cleaner, and the home owner was very satisfied with the results of cleaning, and the speed in which they were cleaned. The homeowner was awestuck by the results of the cleaning and commented on “how the having the windows cleaned reminded her of her childhood, when mother used to clean the windows and take in the improved view afterward.”



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