Today Spick & Span window cleaners cleaned a one bedroom basement flat on the inside and outside for a client who is due, within the next few days, to have a home-birth.The windows of the property were in a fairly bad state and restricted light from entering in to an already dark basement flat.

Window cleaning is a very hazardous job for all but especially pregnant women which is  probably why a large percentage of Spick & Span’s calls are from expectant mothers.It is mainly in the interests of  hygiene, that  that many want their home to be completely dust and germ free at the arrival of their children, but especially in this case as the expectant mother planned to have her child at home.

Spick & Span window cleaners rose to the challenge and kept disturbances to a minimum whilst cleaning this property in Peckham so as to show extra special consideration for the circumstances of householder, although she first asked whether she should move into another room, the window cleaner took the initiative to suggest that work begin on the outside of the property, at the rear.

From the garden area, Spick & Span cleaned three casement windows and two glazing panels and the windows of a Upvc door. All windows were first of all scraped with a window cleaning scraper to remove paint marks with the exception of the windows of the door. These windows had to be treated in a different way as grooved patterns within the glass prevented them from being scraped. To clean this window effectively white spirits was used. After the white spirits was applied over the glass surface it was rubbed with with a scourer. Because of the smell of the white spirits, Spick & Span aerated the room to prevent the smell from causing any irritation to the mum-to- be. Whilst working inside the property care was taken in order to prevent water spillages and breakages. All objects were carefully removed from in front of the windows and dust sheets were placed under the bucket and step ladder. All windows frames were cleaned with a damp cloth to ensure that there were were no water marks left behind. At the front of the property was a bay window which had paint marks and thick dust blocking out the view to the street above  after this window was cleaned internally and externally using a window cleaning pad and squeegee the difference was clear.

At the end of this window cleaning job without any coercion or instigation by the window cleaner this happy client said that she would be in touch again the future.

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