Mayfair window cleaning view outsideToday Spick & Span window cleaners went down to a very beautiful and picturesque Victorian period property, in London’s swanky Mayfair W1K to clean some windows.
This Mayfair property had recently been purchased by its new owner, and therefore was in desperate need of a Mayfair window cleaning makeover.
This window cleaning work required the skills of a professional Mayfair window cleaner, due to the Victorian properties height and its location.
Spick & Span window cleaners who work in Mayfair and other prestigious parts of London and who have gained many years of experience as window cleaners, were happy to carry out the work on behalf of this Mayfair client, who had recently moved to London’s Mayfair from overseas.
Mayfair window cleaning 1This window cleaning client, who had just recently purchased this property, was keen to get all the windows of her Mayfair flat washed by professional window cleaners who work the Mayfair area before she moves into the flat with her teenage daughter.
One of the key attractions of this Mayfair flat was its view, which looked down to a fashionable street below, however on arrival it was immediately noticeable by the window cleaner that the properties front aspect was seriously restricted by the dust and dirt on the windows , hence the need for a window cleaner who works in Mayfair to clear this up.
So that the view outside the flat could be better appreciated, Spick & Span window cleaners used a speicialized window cleaning detergent and wiped the windows that faced the main road clean by using an applicator pad and squeegee. All the windows that were cleaned were followed up and detailed with a lint free cloth.
Extra care was taken to ensure that internal furnishings were protected from water splashes whilst window cleaning took place.
View window cleaning in MayfairIt was immediately apparent that the window cleaner chemical and window cleaning at this Mayfair apartment had been successful, and after just a very short while, the German homeowner expressed astonishment and surprise with the change that the window cleaning had brought to the flats appearance and frontal aspect.
It’s very likely that one of the key selling points of this Mayfair property was its view, which was no doubt the reason that it had been purchased, however this unique selling point had all but dissappered due to the poor condition of the windows, however after Spick & Span had given this Mayfair property a deep clean the view to the street below was once again its main key feature.

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