Bromley window cleaning

Spick & Span offer window cleaning services in Bromley.

Do you want your windows cleaned properly, by trustworthy window cleaners who wont rush and that take care around your property?

Spick & Span window cleaners are honest and discreet window cleaners who take the time to clean your windows properly.

We provide a service.

You don’t have to commit; you can call us as and when you require.

How much do you charge?

Text your postcode and a brief description of the job to be done and you’ll receive a quote in 5 -10 minutes

How do I book? When can you come?

Once you have agreed the quote we will text or email you available date and time

Spick & Span window cleaning was founded in December 2007.

The objective of starting out in window cleaning was to provide a reputable and trustworthy window cleaning service in South West, South East, Central and West London that is tailored for the ordinary householders but for professionals.


Why choose Spick & Span’s window cleaner service?

We have found through experience that many are uneasy about the idea complete strangers coming into their home or dealing with a different window cleaner each time the windows are due to be cleaned. As a solution and out of concern Spick & Span window cleaners have the same window cleaner come to your home each visit.  This method of operation gives peace of mind to our clients.

Professional Window Cleaners

Market research reveals that many working professionals require the services of a good window cleaner, however it is also true to say that standards of professionalism vary among window cleaning companies as does their level of trustworthiness. In answer to this concern Spick & Span window cleaners have CRB clearance and are fully insured, so you can book Spick & Span’s services with complete confidence.

Hassle-Free Window Cleaners

According to the Daily Mail online, over six million people in Britain now employ a cleaner of some sort to help out with household chores, this is because life is becoming increasingly busy and demands on our time are rising.

Many household services and cleaning jobs that were once undertaken by homeowners are now considered too time consuming or large to undertake.
Spick & Span approach the task of window cleaning with minimum fuss.  Spick & Span provide a hassle-free window cleaning from start to finish. Our aim is that when you delegate your window cleaning to us, you be able to concentrate your time on where it is most needed. We are confident  that you will trust that you have made the right choice in allowing us to provide you with a hassle-free service.

Flexible Window Cleaners
Many who work from home or have occasional days off, or work for others may require a window cleaner who is a little more flexible in the services that they offer.
Spick & Span offer same day, ad- hoc window cleaning as well as regular contract window cleaning services.

Efficient Window Cleaners
Many have been let down on repeated occasions by window cleaners who promised to turn up. Others have been left stranded by companies who pulled out last-minute. Some have had window cleaning companies that spilt dirty water on cream coloured carpets or were in such a rush that they missed windows.

Spick & Span provide bespoke window cleaning services for domestic and commercial clients who require professional window cleaning that is of exceptional quality. Every window cleaning job that is undertaken is done to the highest possible standard and with the greatest care.

Reputable Window Cleaners

With many years of window cleaning history, Spick & Span have a very long list of happy clients who can provide testimonials. Feel free to read some of our online reviews.

Eco-Friendly Window Cleaners
The Paris agreement of April 2016 has highlighted the need for company operators to work towards a more sustainable future.
Spick & Span use purified and chemical-free water. This water keeps windows cleaner for longer and is less damaging than traditional window cleaning methods.
So as to reduce carbon emissions we aim to where possible employ satellite software applications and email to provide online quotations.
To receive a free quote now all that is needed is for you to provide your email address and full address or postcode.

Safe Window Cleaners
Spick & Span manage all risks on site and aim for zero accidents. We clean all external windows, without the use of ladders. PPE is used where appropriate and Hi-vis hose and cordons are used. Windows up to 5 storeys high are cleaned from ground level using Carbon-Fibre telescopic poles.
We have full public liability insurance cover.

Smart Window Cleaners
We use satellite technology to effectively provide quotes, without the need for site visits.
We accept payment through our chip and pin card readers as well as online.
We keep up to date with the latest window cleaning tools and employ these to clean windows safely

Reasonably Priced Window Cleaners

Spick & Span window cleaners put quality ahead of everything that we do.
We aim for the gold star standard of window cleaning.
We recognise that many of our clients are discerning and as such we will never compromise on quality, our prices start from £10 per window.


Client Testimonials

“Spick & Span do a very good job. I had trouble finding a window cleaner who was prepared to clean a glass roof on an extension. Spick & Span have cleaned it several times now and are very thorough and careful. Spick & Span use a distilled water system outside which leaves the windows cleaner for longer. My previous window cleaner spilt dirty water on cream coloured carpet – Spick & Span use dust-sheets and take great care inside the house. Thoroughly recommended.”

A. Jackman Dulwich, SE21