Frequently Asked Questions

How do you arrive at your quote? What is it based on?
We do not work by an hourly rate. Jobs are quoted based on the number of bedrooms/windows, window types, stories and other variables. There is a minimum call-out charge. The prices quoted provide a guide only. To receive a more accurate  quote you can send photos and provide your full address via the contact form and we will view your property and get back to you.

What is included in the price/quote?
Unless otherwise specified your quote generally will be for external window cleaning only. Window cleaning is defined here as the glass area of the window. The quote that you are given will be for information that was presented at the time of booking and will likely appear in email correspondence. Any additional glass areas such glass roofs, glazed side returns, secondary glazing, skylights, conservatories will not be included in the price unless this was specified. These need to be billed separately.The quote also will not include the removal of paint, or other post builders debris. Quotes do not include the cleaning of sills, but may include the frames, if agreed upon at the time of booking.

If I like the price, what’s the next step?
Booking is really simple, just give us some of your preferred dates and we will do our utmost to meet your requirements. Generally it’s good to book a week or so in advance.

What payment methods do Spick & Span accept?
Spick & Span window cleaners carry chip and pin card readers so you can pay by major credit/debit card, or cash if you prefer.  Bank transfer/standing order, and cheque are also acceptable, however this needs to be mentioned at time of booking. All payment must be received at the completion of the window cleaning unless otherwise agreed.

What’s the best way to clean unreachable windows?
Spick & Span use the latest window cleaning technology enabling us to reach  windows higher than 50 ft, without the need to step inside your property. There are additional ways of cleaning windows that are high up, for instance, if your property has sash windows, that all open and close, then even if you are located at the very top of a building, your windows can still be cleaned, however this cleaning method will need to be done from inside your property. This method of cleaning may incur an extra charge as it is more labour intensive.
Before the window cleaner comes out to your property, please check that all windows open and close freely.

What’s the best way to clean windows yourself?
To clean windows yourself there are a few basic tools that you will need
such as a bucket and window cleaner hand tools that can be bought from a local hardware store. For cleaning chemical try using washing up liquid and warm water. Download your free guide here. SASWC Ref Guide

Do Spick & Span clean the inside of windows as well as the outside?
We recommend that on initial cleans that windows be  cleaned both inside and out, as smears and dirt will be more noticeable on the inside when only the outside of the windows have been cleaned. Windows on the inside of the house normally take longer to become dirty, and so can be cleaned on a quarterly basis, but Spick & Span window cleaning, when notified in advance, will clean your windows inside whenever you require. Read more.

How often would Spick & Span recommend that windows be cleaned?
While Spick & Span window cleaners do offer window cleaning on a one-off and ad hoc basis prices for doing so generally are more.
For residential properties it is recommended that external windows  are cleaned  at least once every six or eight weeks, for commercial buildings, perhaps a clean once every week or fortnight will suffice. Regular window cleaning ensures that  the windows of your property are neat and presentable, making the overall appearance and feel of your home, or work place  much brighter. One other reason that regular window cleaning is the preferred option for  many of Spick & Span’s clients, is the peace of mind it brings to know that the windows of the property will automatically be maintained professionally without the need to constantly be on the search for other service providers. Prices.

Do Spick & Span leave invoices?
Spick & Span window cleaners notify regular clients that a payment is due by sending an invoice by email. This invoice contains the account details that the payment should be made to. Spick & Span can leave an invoice whenever this is required.

Do I need to be home when Spick & Span clean my windows?
Whether your back windows are cleaned on every visit is entirely up to you.
Spick & Span window cleaning can come and clean your front windows and leave an invoice, which means that it is not  necessary for you to be home when they call. Spick & Span window cleaning have  earned the trust of many of their clients who (so as to allow access to back windows) have been willing to allow us to cut keys or give us codes for side gates,which is  an option that can be considered. Testimonials.

How do I arrange for Spick & Span to clean my windows?
It’s simple, request an online quote by filling out the online form on the left and you will be contacted, alternatively you can email or telephone.You will be asked for your address, number of bedrooms and storeys of the property, about the windows’ to be cleaned as well as the frequency you require and any other helpful information that could help us to quote accurately. You will be given a free quotation, after this an appointment  will be made. Book here.

How does Spick & Span’s repeat window cleaning service work?
Notify us in advance that you require a repeat window cleaning service and your property will be added you to an already established window cleaning round near to  where you live.
The choices of cleaning schedules are: monthly or bi- monthly. After your first clean  your windows will then be cleaned on a regular cycle.Payment methods are very convenient meaning often there is no need  for you to be home each time we call. Read more.

Do Spick & Span window cleaners work when it rains?
Spick and Span window cleaners do work during periods of light showers.During heavier periods of rain, we recommend that you have your windows cleaned internally.

Do Spick & Span window cleaners clean the window frames?
Many window cleaners charge extra to clean window frames, but Spick & Span window cleaning, clean the frames for free when using the reach and wash system.

What is the reach and wash window cleaning system?
The reach and wash system is a method of cleaning that involves pumping water through an extension pole that has brushes on the end. The process involves brushing your windows clean with pure water.

Why did my last window cleaner disappear ?
There can be a number of reasons for this. Some  try out window cleaning, as a way to get some quick money, they have not entered into it with the long term in mind, as a result this is reflected in their shabby service, and sadly this has damaged the reputation of the industry. Spick & Span window cleaning  deliver a high quality, reliable service one that you would be happy to recommend to others. Read testimonials.

Is it advisable to clean windows myself?
A recent survey showed that window cleaning was the most hated of household chores, mainly because it  means working at height from a ladder-something which most people recognize as being dangerous. Add to this the fact that it is also difficult to do properly without special tools. Especially if you are pregnant can window cleaning be dangerous. Therefore it makes sense to pay a professional window cleaner to do the job for you. Prices.

Does cleaning with newspaper and vinegar really work?
Because vinegar is an acid, it can cut through grease, and therefore can be used as a window cleaning agent. Perhaps you have tried it. A common problem encountered though, along with the unpleasant smell, is the smears that are left behind on the glass. Cleaning with newspaper often leaves behind smears also. At a relatively small cost you can pay a professional window cleaner to clean your windows both inside and outside saving you the hassle and the unpleasant odour. Spick & Span window cleaners use specialized chemicals and tools for cleaning windows that  leave their clients more than satisfied with the results. Our methods.

Is window cleaning an unnecessary  luxury?
It has often been said that: “first impressions count”,and often last. If you want to make the right impression then a neat appearance is very important. It is also well known that one of the key selling points of a property is: “location, location, location”, but what good is it-if your view is obscured? If for instance you live in Dulwich village overlooking Dulwich Park, part of the charm of the property is the location. To have a window cleaner come to you in Dulwich village would enable you to get the most from being at  that location. The same is true if you live in East Dulwich, in Herne Hill, in Clapham, Camberwell, Forest hill in fact wherever you live: “Your house is your castle”. So in answer to the question, only you can decide. Read testimonials.

Where does the expression ‘Spick and Span’ originate?
“A spic is a spike or nail, and a span is a chip. So that a spick and span, new ship is one in which every nail and chip is new. The more common expression today is spick and span meaning all neat, clean, bright and tidy.” – Brewers Dictionary of phrase and fable pg. 1025.




“I think what you do is amazing! You’ve done a brilliant job!
What you essentially do is bring light into peoples lives.
I can’t believe the difference it has made! Thank you so much for cleaning my windows!” -Ms. L. Ashcroft

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