Power Washing

Pressure Washing
Reasons to pressure wash outdoor areas regularly

Power Washer being used to cleaning in Belgravia1. Saves you money

Outdoor furniture, walkways, patios and decking areas can be costly to replace. Regular pressure washing can reduce the damage caused over winter to these by algae, moss grime and other undesirables which can cause harm.

2. Saves you time

Many busy professionals want to keep outdoor areas of the home tidy, but have so many demands upon their time. Getting your patio, paths, stairs, decking and other outdoors areas  cleaned by a professional power-washers will allow you the time to spend where you feel it is most needed.

3. Improves homes outdoor appearance

Clean outdoor areas can improve a properties curb appeal and can make a good first impression.
Many estate agents recommend getting the external areas of a property cleaned before displaying it to potential buyers.

4. Lifts your mood

Gardens and outdoor spaces are important to our wellbeing. A neat and clean environment can add to the tranquility we feel enabling us to enjoy periods of relaxation.

Our Pressure Washing Services

Power Wash Porch After PicturePower Wash Porch Before PictureRevitalise your garden and outdoor space with our London pressure washing service.

We use very high-spec and powerful tools and detergents to remove the most stubborn dirt from outdoor surfaces.

Also known as Jet Washing or Power Washing this service is particularly useful in the spring to give the garden a refresh after the winter.

What surfaces we clean?

Power Washed floor In BelgraviaLimestone paths.
Outdoor steps.
Lightwell areas.
Roof terraces
Garden furniture.
Garden Paths.
Wooden Decking
Garden Walls

How we carry out the service?

All that we require to carry out cleaning is access to an outdoor tap, alternatively an indoor tap can be used, however the job will take longer this way.
The equipment that we use does not require that we be plugged in to an electricity source.The method of cleaning that we use involves using pressurised water to clean rather than rely completely on chemicals to do the work.

What the end results are like?

We hope that you will be completely satisfied with the work that we do.
Power washing can remove, dirt, grime, algae, and mud, giving your outdoors the makeover that it deserves following the winter months.