The prices  given below are approximate and subject to change. Factors that may cause prices to differ from those stated are: location, job difficulty, i.e  post-construction, access difficulty , building height and window type, also any extra costs incurred. Please note a minimum call-out charge applies.

No. Bedrooms Price for outside clean only
1 £65
2 £80
3 £90
4 £100
5 £130
6 £190
7 £220
8 £250

Velux / skylight  windows £15 each

Bi-fold doors from £25

Conservatory / Glass roofs start from £95

For Commercial window cleaning prices

Email or call   07456 495 516

Client Testimonials

“I think what you do is amazing! You’ve done a brilliant job!
What you essentially do is bring light into peoples lives.
I can’t believe the difference it has made! Thank you so much for cleaning my windows!” -Ms. L. Ashcroft

West Dulwich, SE21