Frequently Asked Questions

How long will window cleaning take?

It depends, we can’t really say, each job is different. We make getting a good overall finish the top priority, however if you have time constraints we can take this into consideration.

What we will need from you?

We won’t require any tools to do the job but we will require access. We will also require someone to be on hand to sign-off the job before we leave.
We require that you be familiar with the methods that we use before you book and that you’ve agreed to our privacy policy.

Does somebody need to be at home ?

We can collect keys or work in your absence with advance planning and notification.

How soon can we arrange to come?

In some instances if we’re not booked up we can come the same day, or next day, but our average waiting time is one week. We will aim to respond to your enquiry within 15 minutes. You can also book months in advance. If we are in your area on the day you call we may be able to offer a same-day service.

How easy are we to book with?

Send us your requirements.
Fill out the contact form on this site or send a Whatapp message, text, email or video. In the message you send describe the job that’s to be done and its location. We aim to  respond to each  enquiry within 15 minutes.

Book our services online.
You can book our services  after you’ve agreed the price that we send you. Bookings will be made online. We’ll always aim to be flexible in booking the work in for you. Please let us know what days and times suit you. We can also provide you with times that we are in your area. You do not need to enter into a contract for regular cleaning. You can cancel a booking without charge, as long as you provide us with 24 hours notice.

Enjoy the benefits of clean windows.
Clean windows can make an enormous difference to the appearance of any home. We aim to provide a service that takes all the pain out of this process. We make the windows we clean as  shiny as can be by using the latest window cleaning techniques.

Initiate the process to get clean windows now!

How are payments made?

Payments can be made directly after the completion of the work by card through as chip and pin card machine that the window cleaner will have with them. Payment can also be made by cash. Regular clients will be provided with the bank account details through which they may make a  BACS payment.
If no one will be in attendance at the property at the commencement of the work, payment can be made in advance over the phone.

How frequently do we recommend windows be cleaned?

This varies according to the location of each property.
Road facing windows generally get dirtier quicker than those facing the garden, regular maintenance is encouraged to prevent windows from getting heavily soiled.
Many clients choose one of the following schedules depending on their household budget;
Every six to eight weeks, every three months, every six months, or once per annum.

Do we insist on regular contracts?

No, you can call us as and when you require, you are not under obligation to take out a regular window cleaning contract. We provide window cleaning on an ad-hoc or one-off basis.

Will the windows be left wet?

When we clean inside all areas are left completely dry. We use dust sheets and make sure that we do not cause any water spillages. However the method we use when cleaning windows externally requires that the windows dry naturally. We use purified water that has been deionised after going through a 5-stage filtration process.
The water we use in close to 100% pure this is left to dry on the windows naturally and after drying leaves the windows completely spotless. This is because the water we use does not have within it any dissolved solids, which is what leaves marks on windows when water dries.

What cleaning methods do we use?

We clean the outside of windows with telescopic poles that are able to reach windows above 5 floors. We sympathetically  jet-wash the windows, rinsing away the dirt with lightly-bristled brushes. The purfied water we use with this method keep windows cleaner for longer.
Inside of the property we use dust sheets and are careful with the water around interior furnishings.

Are we able to clean all windows?

We have found over the years that most windows can be cleaned.
We use professional long reach equipment which means that windows that were previously inaccessible can now be reached.
Some windows, such as sash windows may slide up and down making it possible to clean difficult windows from inside the property, however if the windows are jammed or have been painted closed, or are badly damaged, we may not be able to clean them. If this is the case, and we had incuded them in the original quote then we may discount them from the quote and reduce the charge.

Do we clean the inside of the windows?

Stains on the inside of a window become more noticeable once the outside of the windows have been cleaned. We are able to offer internal window, however this service will cost more.

Do we clean Velux windows and skylights?

Yes, we have the tools to clean Velux windows effectively without creating a mess inside your home, however these need to be mentioned at the time of booking as Velux windows are not considered to be standard windows and may cost slightly more.

Do we clean secondary glazing windows?

Secondary glazing can be cleaned however, we will not remove or install this ourselves. If these are not removed by the client we may not be able to reach all areas that need to be cleaned.

Do we clean Conservatories, glass roofs and Kitchen extension windows?

Yes, we are able to clean these types of glass areas effectively, however you will need to let us know the details of the glass extension so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Do we clean the window frames and window sills?

If your property has PVC frames then these will be included when we clean the windows externally as a good will gesture but generally, frames are not included in the window cleaning. Window cleaning means the glass area only. Sills will not be included in the service, as these need to be quoted and booked separately. When cleaning internally, frames and ledges are not included. The quote will be for the glass area only.

What safety precautions do we take during the pandemic?

No workers are currently infected by Covid-19 or are displaying any symptoms. Should this become the case they will not be permitted to work.
Personal protective equipment is being worn by workers to minimise potential risks.

Do we charge by the hour?

Jobs are quoted based on the number of bedrooms windows, window types, stories and other variables.There’s a minimum call-out charge. The prices quoted provide a guide only. To receive a more accurate quote you can send photos and provide your full address via the contact form and we will view your property and get back to you.
Unless otherwise specified your quote generally will be for external window cleaning only. Window cleaning is defined here as the glass area of the window. The quote that you are given will be for information that was presented at the time of booking and will likely appear in email correspondence. Any additional glass areas such glass roofs, glazed side returns, secondary glazing, skylights, conservatories will not be included in the price unless this was specified. These need to be billed separately.The quote also will not include the removal of paint, or other post builders debris. Quotes do not include the cleaning of sills, but may include the frames, if agreed upon at the time of booking.

What is the reach and wash system?

The reach and wash system is a ladder-less window cleaning system.
We use deionised, purified water with this system to wash and rinse your windows clean.
It is important for you to know that your windows will be left wet, but please be assured that they will also be left spotless.
We use this system because it is environmentally friendly as it doesn’t require chemicals, its kinder to your windows and keeps them cleaner for longer.
It’s also safer to use than other methods.


Do we provide refunds?

No, we can’t refund you but we will gladly return to the property to go over the windows again, providing you notify us within 24 hours. We guaranteee all our work and so provide this as part of our service. However we recommend that you look over the work before the end of the job. You may also be asked to sign off the job by the window cleaners before they move on to their next job.

Do we allow last-minute cancelations?

When a booking is made work is organised and planned accordingly, if you cancel at last minute, this can cause complications and disrupts our daily schedule.Therefore we request that you please be considerate by giving us at least 24 hours notice should you wish to make a cancelation to your booking so that neccessary measures can be put in place.

What are our payment terms?

Those who are getting the windows cleaned by us for the first time will be required to pay immediately after the job.
If  the windows will be cleaned in the absence of the client payment will need to be made before the window cleaning commences.

Is a Bay window counted as one window or three?

When providing us with information for a quote a bay window that has three sashes would be considered as being three windows and not one.

What is our charge  to clean one standard window?

The price to clean one standard window starts from £10.00, however we do have a minimum call-out charge.

Is window cleaning a luxury or a necessity?

Apparently  six million of us now employ a cleaner.  If you want to look out of a nice clean windows we would be happy to demonstrate to you the difference that window cleaning can make to the appearance of your home.

Does cleaning windows with Vinegar really work?

Some people claim that cleaning windows with vinegar is effective. It’s not a method we use but to do this you will need to dillute vinegar in water and wipe the windows with a lint-free cloth or some newspaper. It’s claimed that this leaves a smear-free finish on the windows and gets rid of the grime and dirt on the window panes. Please note however that we do not endorse or advocate that you do this, but recommend that you use a professional window cleaner to carry out window cleaning with the appropriate cleaning methods.