glass roof cleaning

Glass Roof Cleaning

Spick & Span professional window cleanersSpick & Span window cleaners have accumulated a wealth of experience in cleaning a variety of glass roof types and have specialised equipment to clean roofs effectively. We clean kitchen glass-roof extensions. Glass side returns, and roof-lights. We are also able to clean roof lanterns, glass roof panels and Velux windows.

Architects design homes to maximise the light within. Glass roof extensions are what usually achieve this, however grime, dust, bird and tree deposits build-up and obscure light from flooding into your home. Roof cleaning will solve this issue.

Cleaning a glass roof with professional equipmentDisclaimer

Glass roof cleaning does not provide the same outcome as window cleaning. This is due to difficulty of access and other factors.
A glass- roof can usually be ‘improved upon’ by cleaning, whereas a window can be cleaned to perfection. Please note that we only clean the outside of glass roofs.



Conservatory Cleaning

Conservatory CleaningConservatories can be great places to enjoy the sunshine and to relax, however when algae and grime accumulate during winter months these places of solace can appear gloomy and dim. We use specialised cleaning chemicals that can give conservatories a refresh. We’re able to clear roofs of algae staining and can even give Upvc frames a clean-ip.