Maintenance cleaning – why needed?

We’re often asked: ‘How long it will take for windows to start to deteriorate after window cleaning?’ The answer can vary depending on the surroundings of the property.
Some homes are situated by busy roads where smog can build up rapidly.  The windows of other homes may get dirty quickly  because they have  trees near to them that release seeds and pollen. A number of homes or businesses are on streets where there are construction projects which are responsible for dust settling on the windows. Exhaust fumes, tree pollen, dust caused by wind are just some reasons why regular maintenance window cleaning is necessary. We offer comprehensive window maintenance services to give your windows there after-care that they require to keep in tip-top condition.

Benefits of window cleaning after-care

As  the days and weeks pass following your window clean, dust will again start to emerge on the glass affecting your view outside. Allow us to take care of your windows so that natural light floods your home or workspace. Let us help you unlock the lights full potential giving your home the look and feel that you desire all-year round!

Recommended frequency

Below are some typical maintenance schedules that some of our clients choose.

Property LocationRecommended Frequency
Main  road6 weeks
Near overhanging trees6 weeks
Near building works4-6 weeks
Busy road8 weeks
Quiet road12 weeks

How to arrange

If you would like to set up a maintenance cleaning schedule please specify this at the time you make your online submission or speak to the window cleaner about this when they visit your home.