Coronavirus COVID 19


At this point in time no one within Spick & Span Window Cleaning has tested positive to COVID-19 or are displaying any symptoms. Should this become the case we will follow the guidelines to self isolate for two weeks.

How we are responding?

We are still working, but so as to keep 2 metres (6ft.) away from other people we are cleaning windows on the outside only unless safe distances can be maintained inside.
We will be able to clean both your front and back windows externally only if we can gain access to these areas whilst keeping a distance of 2m metres, but preferably without coming through your property.
If we are unable to get to the back windows without coming through your property, or maintain at least a 2 metre distance, then we can offer external front window cleaning only.
If you have a side gate we can offer window cleaning front and back on the outside.
We want to assure all existing and potential clients that we are carefully monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and are following guidelines given by Public Health England, and the World Health Organisation and will review our current operations once we are informed that the current risks no longer exist.

What precautionary measures we are taking?

Spick & Span window cleaning are offering to their clients contactless window cleaning services during the Coronavirus pandemic. Get your windows cleaned safely with complete peace of mind that you and your family will keep safe as a window cleaner carries out contactless window cleaning at your property.

By choosing our contactless window cleaning you can have all front windows cleaned externally. You can also get rear windows can be cleaned if you have a side gate that is left open. We may also be able to clean the windows in your absence, we also can clean inside as long as we can physically distance.

All operatives have anti-viral masks, gloves and sanitisers.

Whether you are self-issolating, shielding of simply taking extra precautions during this uncertain time we want to help keep your windows clean.

We are taking measures to protect ourselves and others by:

  • Washing our hands with soap and water at the completion of work.
  • Wearing gloves.
  • Avoiding close contact with anyone who has a fever or a cough.
  • Cordoning-off areas that we work to ensure 2 metres distance.
  • Frequently cleaning and disinfecting touched surfaces and objects.
  • Following other government directives.

What precautions you can take?

  • Do not come out to greet us when we arrive at your property. Call us on the phone, or contact us by email instead.
  • Open any open any side gates before we arrive, so as to limit contact.
    Close all your windows in advance of the service, as we us a jet-wash system in most cases.
  • Pay in advance for your service before we arrive or pay by BACS or by the link that we send when at your property.
  • Understand that the measures we are taking right now are for all our benefit.
  • Please be assured of our commitment to providing you with a safe and professional window cleaner service.
  • If for any reason you feel unwell and need to cancel your appointment please give us advance notice so that we can reschedule your booking.

Window cleaner in Eaton Place SW1X

Window cleaning in SW1VToday Spick & Span window cleaners were happy to go down to Belgravia to attend a window cleaning booking that had been made by and Estate Agent in Belgravia who required a window cleaner to come there to clean one of the many properties that they manage in the Belgravia area. Professional window cleaners were required to give some windows in Eaton Place, Belgravia, a good going over.
The windows that were to be cleaned in this Belgravia flat were on the first floor of a double fronted elevation period property. There were eight sash windows in total, and judging by the outward appearance of them they had not been cleaned for a very long while. The frames in particular were very dirty and in need of a good scrub by the window cleaner.
Window cleaner in Eaton Place SW1VThis property was in need of a makeover in preparation for new tenants who were soon occupy this luxurious apartment set near to Belgrave Square.
Because the windows faced a busy main road, they had become very dusty, and this had restricted light from reaching within the property. The outward appearance of the property was also tarnished because of this and did not make the right impression.
All windows including the frames were thoroughly washed clean, and the dirt that ran down from the panes and frames was quite noticeable as was the difference in appearance of the windows afterwards.
In total the window cleaner spends around 1 hour scrubbing the windows and afterwards rinsing them to a high shine finish.
The difficulty with this particular call-out, and no doubt the reason why some window cleaners may have found this job difficult is that the windows were located above a basement which the client did not have access to. The way Spick & Span window cleaners get around this is by using a reach and wash method of window cleaning which involves using, telescopic pole able to reach over 50ft. This pole is more than adequate to clean raised ground floor and first floor flats in fact it can reach even the fourth and fifth floors! This method of cleaning is ideally suited to cleaning windows that are difficult to access as was the case with this call-out today.
Naturally working with long poles can be dangerous especially in the windy weather that Britain has been recently experiencing, so it was essential that great care be taken and all hazards were identified and managed.