Window cleaning historic manor house

Today Spick & Span window cleaners were tasked with cleaning the windows and gates of an historic Hampton Court Manor House.

This eight-bedroom Manor House, originally built in 1740,  has a long history of high society connections.

Window Cleaning Manor HouseThe windows that required cleaning  were located on the lower ground, ground and two upper floors. Some of the windows were accessed from a first floor balcony. All windows including the frames were thoroughly washed both inside and out outside. Work commenced at the front on the outside of the building, and from inside at the top of the building.

The preferred method of cleaning outside was the reach and wash window cleaning method. On the inside all windows were washed using a solution that doesn’t leave smears.

This grand home was in need of experienced windows cleaners who could tackle this type of work.

Spick & Span were very happy to add this property to a long list of exclusive residences that we have had the pleasure to clean.

Some of the highlights of this cleaning experience were the views. Whilst cleaning we observed grazing deer in Bushy Park. We also saw historic walls built by King Henry VIII in 1540.

We were glad to have completed the project in a time frame that was allotted and to the approval of the property manager of this grade II listed building in Hampton Court.