Knightsbridge conservatory cleaning

Conservatory cleaning in Knightsbridge today was more challenging than usual, because the conservatory that was cleaned by the Knightsbridge window cleaner was located on the 4th floor of a roof terrace. To make up for the difficulty of this cleaning work however were the spectacular views of many iconic London buildings that were noticed in the vicinity. These stunning city views went some way to compensating the window cleaner cleaning this conservatory. As conservatory cleaning is more physically demanding task than most other window cleaning tasks.

Spick & Span window cleaners arrived on site in Knightsbridge at 8:30am, on the first impression the property was beautiful, situated in a Brompton Square apartment in Knightsbridge, London, SW3. This very attractive Georgian period, 4th floor apartment, is just a short walk from Harrods, and located just off Brompton Road. After completing a full risk assessment, the Knightsbridge conservatory cleaner selected a host window cleaning of tools that would get the conservatory and windows looking like -new again. The tools that were best suited to cleaning this conservatory were: a telescopic pole, abrasive pads, cleaning detergent, brushes, and a portable trolley with a water pump, and of course water.
The conservatory was in desperate need of a Knightsbridge window cleaner, as according to some, the conservatory had not been cleaned for at least 15 years. This estimate is quite likely correct. There were green algae and sun baked dirt and dust which were very stubborn to remove. There were also dust deposits that had blown in from nearby basement excavation work.
The homeowner was very keen to get this conservatory cleaned thoroughly as according to her own admission’ it had been somewhat neglected over years.’ This ‘Glass veranda’ as it was described is used as a dining area, and place for guests who visit, to enjoy the Brompton road and Knightsbridge skyscape.
It required a lot of elbow grease on the part of the Knightsbridge window cleaner to scrub away this dirt, but the results were very satisfying to see afterwards.
After thoroughly washing the roof panes and rinsing with purified water all the side glass panels of the conservatory were washed.
In all this Knightsbridge window cleaner and conservatory call-out took around 2.5 hours to completed from start to finish.
Needless to say that the propertys owner was very satisfied with how clean the conservatory looked after, which also was very rewarding to hear.

Reaching windows whatever the height in Belgravia

Belgravia window cleaning was required today by a client there who was anxious to have the windows of her 6 storey property, just a short step from Belgrave Square, cleaned by a professional window cleaning company in the Belgravia, Knightsbridge area.

The client had been dissatisfied with the windows of the period property being in a murky and unclean state, but felt that there was no alternative to this situation, given that the windows of houses in Belgravia are so high up and difficult to reach and that most ‘sensible’ window cleaners would not venture to use ladders to reach windows located at such colossal heights, such as those contained in Belgravia properties.
Because of this train of thought, like so many in central London, she felt resigned to putting up with dirty windows on the top floors and not having the maximum amount of natural light and sunshine reach into the home but made do with the status quo, dirty windows, being concerned with cleaning just the lower windows and interior window cleaning.
Upon investigation it seems that many residents in Belgravia would like to have a regular and reliable window cleaning service with a company that they can trust, however it seems that few window cleaners work in Belgravia offer window cleaning services to owners of very large properties, sticking to just smaller homes and shops in central London. As a result of this avoidance may could be left thinking that  windows at a height above the 2nd level are un-cleanable, much less as a 6 storey townhouse, such as the one owned by the client in Belgravia who’s windows Spick & Span cleaned today.
Granted for traditional window cleaners within close proximity to Belgravia it would be impractical and inadvisable to take on such a task because of the risk to window cleaner and the potential damage that could be caused to the paintwork. Many residents of Belgravia are familiar with the man with a ladder type window cleaner but had not been aware of modern window cleaning practices that are completely adept and well suited to sympathetically restore sash window glass to their peak performance enabling them to get back to being translucent and making a neat and smart appearance.

Spick & Span are window cleaners who reach higher heights for residents within Belgravia

Why not call the Spick & Span window cleaning sales team to discuss whatever are your unique Belgravia window cleaning requirements?  Whether you live or work in Belgravia, Knightsbridge or Chelsea we would be happy to receive your call.