Today Spick & Span window cleaners entered into a new bi- monthly window cleaning contract in Croxted Road, Dulwich, SE21. The professionals that own this stunning 6 bedroom property in Dulwich’s  Croxted Road, contacted Spick & Span window cleaners and requested a regular professional Dulwich window cleaner service as they had grown tired of the antics of there past window cleaner, who is also a window cleaner local to the Dulwich area. The reason for ending the contract with the previous window cleaners according to the owner of this property in Dulwich was that the window cleaner, cleaned the external windows only by accessing the property, which was not to the liking of the family as it interfered with the families privacy. According to homes owner, the window cleaner used to come inside the property and lean out of the windows to clean the windows externally. It has to be said  that many of the windows of this 6 bedroom property were difficult to access, especially the windows on the roof of this home in Dulwich, however with specialized, and professional window cleaning equipment, such as the reach up and wash, pole method of window cleaning, that  Spick & Span window cleaners use, all windows were able to be cleaned without stepping foot into the home.

There were approximately 15 Sash windows that needed the services of a professional Dulwich window cleaner, along with 3 very large roof-lights housed on the roof of kitchen extension, this extension had a number of glass doors.

The window cleaner started at the front of the property were all windows were scrubbed with a water fed brush attached to a 40ft. telescopic window cleaners pole, care was taken with the brickwork and after all windows at the front were cleaned they were rinsed with pure water. Some of the windows at the back of the Dulwich property could be cleaned from ground level with the 40ft. window cleaner pole, however, because of the kitchen extension some of the sash windows, at the back of the property could only be accessed from on top of the kitchen extension roof, after all these windows were washed, the glass kitchen doors were window cleaned. Finally the windows at the side of the  home were cleaned with the use of  purified water and the telescopic window cleaners pole . The glass roof-lights on top of the kitchen extension were accessed by a ladder and these were cleaned and then squeegeed dry.

The homeowner was very pleased with the services and arrangements were made to come back to the home in Dulwich to clean the windows in around 8 weeks time.


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