Start of tenancy window cleaning in Clapham

Today Spick & Span window cleaners worked in Clapham Sw4, cleaning the windows for  a  first time client who wanted to get the windows of his new Clapham home cleaned in preparation for moving in with his family. Spick & Span window cleaners reached this home in Clapham very quickly as it is just a short drive away from from the work base.

The windows of this four bedroom Victorian terrace home in Clapham SW4, had 2 bay windows at the front that were extremely dusty due to an ivy bush that had become overgrown, the Velux windows in the loft were also particularly dirty.

The owner of this home in Clapham wanted a window cleaner to clean the insides and outsides of the windows of the property. This was made a little more difficult than usual as there were a number of  tradesmen in the home on the day as well as house cleaners, which meant that the window cleaner who was called out to this Job in Clapham had to work very methodically and around the other tradesman in the house. The owner of the house was also around, as he was cutting down the ivy bush at the front.

The Clapham window cleaner started at the outside of the property, working in the garden this Clapham window cleaner cleaned all the windows using a waterfed pole and window cleaner brush. The windows were double glazed uPvc framed windows,  these were quite filthy and murky with grime, but the grimy film and other deposits that were on these windows , soon were removed as the window cleaner in Clapham cleaned them with an up and down scrubbing motion, and with an abrasive window cleaners brush.

When cleaning inside the home an effort was made to not make a mess and dustsheets were put on carpets to prevent watermarks.

The Velux windows were reasonably straight forward to clean as these were able to open up, however there was one particularly difficult to reach Velux window on the hallway.

Finally the window cleaner finished up this Job on the outside at the front of the house by giving the Clapham Properties windows 2 bay windows a good scrub and then rinse, all the frames were also cleaned as they had collected a lot of dirt.

After a final inspection it was clear that the mission to smarten up this home in Clapham had been accomplished as the newly cleaned  windows sparkled and glistened.

Spick & Span window cleaners in were thanked for their services in Clapham.