SW11 Window Cleaner

Today Spick & Span window cleaners were booked to go down to Clapham SW11 to provide a Clapham window cleaner service on a 3 bedroom property situated in Roseneath Road, Clapham. The owner of this SW11 property wanted a window cleaner who provides window cleaning services in the SW11 area, because the windows were too difficult for her to clean by herself and she is also very limited with her time. Spick & Span window cleaners who provide window cleaning in Clapham were more than happy to provide her with window cleaner services.
The windows of this attractive 4 storey Clapham house in Roseneath Road, Clapham, were window cleaned on the inside and the outside . The windows of this building, as is the case of many of the windows that Spick and Span window cleaners clean when they work in the Clapham area were very high up making it necessary to use window cleaning extension poles rather than a conventional window cleaners ladder. The type of windows that were window cleaned in this SW11 property were all wooden framed windows, there were casement windows and there was also a set of French doors and bi-fold doors windows that were cleaned. The Sw11 window cleaner cleaned windows that were of different shapes and sizes, most having two glass panels. There was also a pyramid shaped roof-light window above the kitchen that was also washed.
The windows of this Sw11 property that needed a window cleaner were very dirty, some windows had the appearance of  not being window cleaned for some  time. Some of the windows were window cleaned from the ground using long extension window cleaner poles, but other windows were cleaned from the balconies and by reaching out of the Sw11 property, whilst window cleaning inside.
The window cleaner who was assigned this window cleaning task needed to provide a very professional window cleaner service in SW11. Thorough window cleaning of this Clapham property was achieved by using professional window cleaning cloths, mops,chemicals and rinsing equipment. The window cleaner who cleaned this Sw11 home also made sure that he removed his shoes when walking through this property to ensure that he did not make a mess within the home. This SW11 window cleaner also went over any marks that were left on the windows with a micro-fibre cloth so as to remove water stains.
At the conclusion of the job the homeowner requested a tri-annual window cleaner service and was thoroughly impressed with difference that the Clapham window cleaner had made.
The window cleaning in Sw11  in all  took around 3 hours to complete from start to finish.