Window cleaner needed West Dulwich

Today Spick and Span window cleaners went down to West Dulwich, SE21, to clean the windows of a house there, after they had been contacted a few weeks ago by an email with the heading: ‘window cleaner needed in West Dulwich’. The lady who sent the email was in urgent need for the windows of her five bedroom semi-detached property in West Dulwich to be cleaned indoors and outdoors, as the previous window cleaner had mysteriously disappeared without notice , and had not cleaned the windows of the property since November last year, because of the lack of window cleaner the windows had become a little grubby with dust and spider webs, which were particularly noticeable at the front of the property when the sun shone through the windows, also the glass of the double bi-fold doors of the kitchen at the rear of the property had hand prints and other marks that had been left by grandchildren.

Spick and Span were more than happy to go down to this house in West Dulwich to clean the windows and while in the  process of cleaning were offered the job to clean the windows on a regular basis.The householder explained her frustration in finding window cleaners  who were thorough and reliable  and asked permission to refer Spick and Span’s services to others who needed  window cleaning services in West Dulwich.

The job was begun early in the morning to allow the indoors of the windows to be cleaned before the homeowner left for work. In total the job took about four and half hours for one window cleaner to complete.Work begun at the top of the house where a difficult to reach velux skylight was cleaned and a sash window in an attic room, dust sheets were used throughout the inside of the house so as not to damage the light coloured carpets . The glass roofed extension was accessed and cleaned from a balcony above the kitchen roof, and areas that could not be reached from this location were cleaned from the patio outside using a ladder that rested on a standoff placed against the wall. The bi-fold  patio doors were cleaned using traditional squeegee methods.The bedroom windows were cleaned externally using  a water spraying  window cleaning system. Bedroom windows that could not be reached this way because location were cleaned externally from inside the house, but all lower level windows were cleaned using traditional window cleaning.