Commercial Window cleaningToday Spick and Span window cleaners were called out to do some urgent window cleaning work on behalf of an art gallery/sculpture studio, situated in Camberwell SE5.

The 2 storey building  was successfully cleaned by Spick and Span window cleaners and transformed once again into the bright studio that the architects had designed it to be. Spick and Span window cleaners were able to achieve this result by using a specialized reach high and wash method of window cleaning.This most suited the gallery as many of the high up windows and glass were not accessible by a ladder and many of the panes were so large that they would not of suited the squeegee method of window cleaning.

The gallery had a  translucent clerestory window that was cleaned and which afterwards once again allowed for maximum north light, desirable to studios, to enter the building. Spick and Span window cleaners were also able to remove all the dirt that clung to other window panes that surrounded the studio by using an abrasive brush and scrubbing with purified water, which cleans without leaving any marks.

Because of heavy foot-fall within the area, special care was given to the  health and safety of workers and others in the area  and so  warning cones were used to cordon off the areas of work. PPE was also used by the window cleaner.

When all the glass  of the commercial building was cleaned, work was carried out on the offices and communal areas. In this area of the building there were around 25 windows of varying sizes, all glass of these areas were cleaned along with the PVC frames with the reach up high and wash method of cleaning. the difference after cleaning this area was instantly noticeable because originally they were filthy with soot and dust from the busy road nearby.All  windows after being scrubbed with abrasive window cleaning brushes were rinsed with purified water to ensure that they would dry without spots. The windows were then allowed to dry and afterwards inspected.After the window cleaner had made certain that he was happy with the results all the  machinery and equipment was packed away, and invoice was sent to client via email .A representative of the client said later that the windows looked great!


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