Floor-to-ceiling window cleaning in London Bridge

Floor to-Ceiling Glass

Today Spick and Span window cleaners went to London Bridge to clean the windows of a ground floor contemporary two bedroom flat located in London Bridge, SE1.

Spick and Span window cleaners were booked to clean the stylish two bedroom flat which had floor-to ceiling glass at the start of a new tenancy of the current occupiers, and after they had recently decorated.

It was arranged that the window cleaning should begin  early morning, because of time constraints on the part of owners of the property. It was hoped that this would allow enough time for the flat to be cleaned internally and externally, before the owners set off for work.It was estimated that the work would take a maximum of one and a half hours.

Spick and Span arrived at 7am as  arranged and begun cleaning on all the interior glass of the property, staring on the inside of the second room. The windows were cleaned using  traditional methods of window cleaning , they were thoroughly scrubbed and wiped to loosen and remove all grime and hand-prints that had been left on the glass . This room also had paint marks , which had to be scraped off, with special care taken not to scratch the glass.  Particular care was taken when working inside the property  not to spill water on to the carpets .

It was decided by the window cleaner to leave the inside glass of the master bedroom until last to allow time for the owners to get ready for work,and their privacy was respected. Although all exterior glass was scraped and cleaned with a t-bar applicator pad and a window cleaning channel.

At the front of the property was a dining room/lounge area which had large  floor to ceiling glazed panes and doors which were all cleaned , but first the venetian blinds had to be carefully discarded.After this windows were washed, they were then wiped in the corners to remove all water marks, and the skirting was wiped with a clean cloth. Following this the front outside windows were all cleaned and all the frames were wiped.The last part of the flat to be cleaned was the glass front door. After asking the homeowner if she was happy with the results of the cleaning a brief exchange was made and and explanation was given how to She could  arrange future window cleans. With a brief look at the watch, the job had been completed with ten minutes to spare.