Chelsea SW3 Window Cleaning


Chelsea conservatory glass cleaningToday Spick & Span window cleaners went down to Chelsea SW3 to clean the windows of a fabulous 5 storey Georgian property, set within a beautiful Square within Chelsea SW3 . This 5  storey Georgian property was located within yards of the King’s Road in Chelsea SW3. The owner of this property arranged for Spick & Span window cleaners to come and clean the exterior windows of this property while the house cleaner was cleaning the inside of the property.

[gmap]41 Markham Square, Chelsea, London, W1[/gmap]

Eye for Detail

The owner of this luxury house in Chelsea needed window cleaning as the windows were extremely dirty and quite high up, and the regular cleaner of the house was not able to clean them.

Rising To the Challenges

Each window cleaning job  whether it be in Chelsea Sw3 or another area of London presents its own unique and individual challenges to a window cleaner, and window cleaning the windows of this property in Chelsea SW3  proved to be no exception, however with the many years of window cleaning experience that Spick & Span have gained; challenges can usually be met successfully.

The main difficulty of this window cleaner job in Chelsea SW3 was that the windows had not been cleaned for many years and so were extremely dirty , also some of the windows were not easy to clean as they had to be cleaned from inside the house, by leaning out of the windows.

Another thing that made this job quite labour intensive was that at the back of the property there was two large french doors and a glass conservatory.


The end results of this window cleaning in Chelsea SW3 were very pleasing, because the windows were noticeably cleaner. Making the property look even more attractive and appealing in it’s location setting.