Earl’s Court Window Cleaner

Spick & Span window clean garden flat in Earl's CourtToday Spick & Span window cleaners went down to Earl’s Court in SW5 London to clean the windows of a large two bedroom garden flat in SW5, located just seconds away from Earl’s Court tube station. This clean was part of a regular window cleaner service in Earl’s Court.

This busy area of Earl’s Court, SW5 London is a busy arterial route of the capital through which a large number of vehicles daily pass. This creates alarming levels of fumes and pollutants, which over time stain glass and cause windows to get dirty and murky, affecting the home’s view and hence the need for window cleaners in Earl’s Court.

Window cleaning garden flat in Earl's CourtThis home that Spick & Span window cleaners clean regularly in Earl’s Court has Large floor-to ceiling windows in the kitchen and dining area , a large sash bay window in the front bedroom  and a large single sash window in the second bedroom, there are also windows in an outbuilding in the garden, which is used as an office, these get particularly dirty due to the flora and fauna.

The owner of this property is a working professional and so is time deprived, each time the windows are cleaned, Spick & Span window cleaners pre-arrange a time that is convenient for the homeowner, often at the same time when the domestic cleaner is working, and is able to provide access into to the property.

The windows of this flat in Earl’s Court are cleaned inside and outside by the window cleaner each visit, who uses both traditional and modern window cleaning techniques to accomplish the task. To start with, the outside of the windows at the back of the property were cleaned, including the annex room windows.  All windows were thoroughly scrubbed and then squeegeed leaving them sparkling clean. Next work moved to the inside of the back windows, these windows were quite tricky to clean because they were floor to ceiling windows, these windows were cleaned with a telescopic extension pole with a mop on the end. All internal areas were cleaned with great care, so as not to damage carpets, skirting and furnishings.

The last part of the property to be cleaned was the front. As this is a raised ground-floor flat, with a basement property below,  these windows are not able to be cleaned from a ladder, instead a water-fed telescopic pole with a brush attached is used . This pole system is fed with purified water, which is excellent for cleaning windows.