SW7 Window cleaning BWHow on earth do you clean sash windows three floors up?
What do you do when it seems that there is no ladder on earth long enough, and your money is too tight to hire a cherry picker and yet you can barely see through the windows?
Your local window cleaner doesn’t seem to have the equipment or the know-how.
Is there some genius way of doing the outside without needing to resort to abseiling down the wall to get to them?
Some clients we work for speak of the days when they used to hang out of the windows, but thinking of people taking such risks makes my tummy wobble.
What do you do for instance with a bathroom window, that is not particularly high up but is very awkward to reach? Do you dare to lean out as far as can to wipe, even though most experienced window cleaners wouldn’t take such a risk?
Some wipe as far as they can reach or use cloths wrapped around a wooden stick to wipe and then chuck water at the areas that they can’t reach. It works for them, but it’s far from ideal.
What do the professional guys do?
Most traditional window cleaners would open the bottom of the window, sit on the sill with head outside, facing in. Clean the outside of upper pane. Open the top of window, stand on a chair/ ladder inside and andthen lean out to clean the outside of upper half pane, but if you attempt this be careful you don’t fall! Also be warned, it can be very mucky, which is why it’s such a hated job.
Most of us don’t have enough of a head for heights, and leaning far out of the window for most of us is not what we really want to do.
So what are the alternatives?
Well it could be that your fortunate enough to own the type of windows that swing inwards check whether there are catches at the top of your windows, and hinges that can be opened as this will make cleaning them a lot easier. Most Upvc framed windows can open in this way. If not then you will need to consider some other options.
A safe alternative to leaning out of your window might be to use a device, such as a magnet window cleaning sponge. It is like two sponges covered with magnets on a long string. The way it’s supposed to work is that one of the sponges is moistened and put it on the outside of thewindow, with string coming in through the window, then the other magnet from the inside the window is used to control the wipe motion on the outside . However be warned this will not result in a streak free finish.

Window cleaning a three storey building with a 35ft carbon fibre poleTo save yourself  from potential danger as well as the hassle associated with window cleaning, and to ensure you’re left  with the a spotless finish  even on windows located up to the 5th floor you could always find a chap with a power hose window cleaning system and invite him round…

Surely worth thinking about.

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