How to clean windows that are very high up and difficult to access

It is important that before ever you undertake any window cleaning project, where the windows are high up and difficult to access, that you seek to follow safe working practices.

Falls from height and slips and trips are still one of the most common causes for death in the work place. ( Even though the mortality rate for window cleaning and other work at height is so high,  few us take heed which is seen by us when we witness tradesmen and others around us taking high stake risks. Often it is non- professionals that the most vulnerable, the un-enlightened as these have not been trained to identify the risks.

The following is not meant to be a fully comprehensive list but provides just few bits of information that we hope will be prove useful for you if you or cleaning staff decide to clean difficult windows yourself.

 What not to do:

  1. If you or your domestic cleaners attempt to clean the hard to reach windows do not take any uneccessary risks.
  2. It is important that you avoid leaning excessively out of windows, and that you avoid using ladders or other tools that are damaged in any way.
  3. If you are pregnant it may best that you avoid this kind of work.
  4. Never stand on glass roofs or roof tiles without seeking guidance from manufacturer.

What you should do:

  1. Before commencement of work evaluate and take steps to minimize risks. You can find an example of a risk assessment here:
  2. Use appropriate PPE. such as gloves and harnesses where necessary.
  3. Use specialized tools for reaching difficult windows such as telescopic poles.
  4. If windows can be cleaned from inside, do so, as this will be safer, but use tools that can be attached to chains to prevent them from falling on to people walking below. Also use harnesses where possible.
  5. Think about employing professional window cleaners. This can save you time and often ensure better results.


Spick & Span’s professional hard to reach window cleaning service

Spick & Span window cleaners use best practice window cleaning techniques to reach windows that are high up and difficult to reach. Spick & Span window cleaners will always access the risk of each job before starting. Each property that Spick & Span window cleaners visit is unique and poses it’s own individual challenges, however Spick & Span have built up over 7 years of window cleaning experience in London. Spick & Span have experience in cleaning the windows of Georgian, Edwardian, and Victorian properties many of which have undergone renovation and modernisation with dormer and/or kitchen extensions.Spick & Span can clean roof lights and Velux skylight glass that in nested into high ceilings.

Tools that we use to reach difficult windows

Advantage of Reach WashSpick & Span have specialized window cleaning telescopic poles that enable us to reach windows upto 57ft without needing to enter a property. These tools enable us to clean windows above kitchen extensions, conservatories and other obtacles that prevent the use of a ladder. This window cleaning equipment leaves windows spotlessly clean.

The advange of this equipment is that it is very safe to use and windows that previously were uncleanable can now be cleaned.