Local Window Cleaner in Camberwell

Today Spick & Span window cleaners went down to Camberwell SE5 to carry out window cleaner services on a very charming and spacious Georgian townhouse that is local to Denmark Hill Station, close to East Dulwich.
The large Georgian property which is housed in a leafy road in Camberwell SE5 is 4 stories high and had windows including dormers, that are difficult for average window cleaners to reach.
The types of windows were mainly multi-paned Geogian glass, but there were other types of windows, such as, sash windows and casement windows. All of which required thorough window cleaning, because the wet winter.
This 4 bedroom Camberwell property in a conservation area within Camberwell also had a large conservatory and sunroom, which Spick & Span window cleaners cleaned.
The homeowner was Keen to have regular window cleaning by window cleaners local to Camberwell as the windows at the front and rear of the property were very difficult to access with ladders, making them hard for average local window cleaners in Camberwell to clean.
Spick & Span window cleaners who work in and around Camberwell and East Dulwich and are local to the area, cleaned the windows on behalf of the Scandinavian homeowner without much difficulty. Spick & Span window cleaners are able to achieve this by using specialized professional window cleaner equipment, which is adept at reaching windows that are high up without the use of ladders.
Spick & Span window cleaners cleaned the windows in Camberwell thoroughly on the outside, starting on the front and concluding at the back. The external windows were scrubbed with a brush, which is specifically designed to sympathetically clean Georgian type glass.
Once the work was completed at the front the window cleaner took his equipment inside the property, making sure to take great care not to get any water on the carpets. The window cleaner cleaned the windows of the sunroom as well as its glass roof from on top of the Garage roof. From this position the window cleaner also took the opportunity to clean the roof of the conservatory. After work here was finished the window cleaner moved his equipment into the garden where work commenced on the rear windows of the property.
After all windows were cleaned at the rear of the property the rest of the conservatory was cleaned.