Today Spick & Span window cleaners took just fifteen minutes to arrive on location at West Norwood from their base in Camberwell, a short distance away, making them window cleaners local to the West Norwood , SE27 area.

After arrival at the three bedroom  property in West Norwood a brief assessment was made as to the cleaning methods that would be used. It was noted that some of the windows at the back of the property would be difficult to access by placing a ladder outside , because the property was set over two floors and built on a hill , meaning that the windows were very high up, also bay windows protruded  out underneath the target windows, making ladder access a problem, but as the client required the inside windows cleaned as well as the outside it was decided that the best way to approach this job would be to clean all windows from inside of the property.

The client was very realistic in her expectations stating that the windows had long been neglected, and certainly had not been cleaned in the years that she had occupied the property, nevertheless good cleaning results were accomplished through the methods employed.

Spick & Span window cleaners began work at the top floor of the property where the bedrooms were located, because of water spots on the glass, a water mark removal chemical was applied to some of the windows and left to penetrate, after which it was cleaned and then rinsed. In one of the second rooms there was putty on the glass that surrounded the window frame causing the window to look unsightly this was scraped off after the glass had been washed. In the stairwell area there was a large Sash window that was badly water marked and stained and while this did not come up perfect, because of damage to the glass itself, it was greatly improved through use of a water spot removal chemical and cleaning. After these areas frosted glass was cleaned in the bathroom and toilet and three sash windows were cleaning in the lounge and dining area two of which required paint removal cleaning. A difficult to reach window was cleaned above the kitchen sink and a stained glass window near the front door was cleaned with a damp micro-fibre cloth and  a fanlight window above the front door in the communal entrance was cleaned.

The client, who was a perfectionist, was very satisfied with the results. The whole job from start to finish took three hours ,for one window cleaner to complete.

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