SE24 window cleaning

Spick and Span window cleaners were working in and around Shakespeare Road in Herne Hill London SE24 today. They began in the early part of the morning cleaning the glass of a three bedroom property. The windows of the period property, which had not been cleaned for over a year were very grubby and therefore were cleaned both externally and internally. On this job Spick and Span used a professional window cleaners ladder and specialised glass cleaning hand tools.The dirt on the window panes was aggravated using a window cleaning detergent and scrubbed with a hand tool while excess water and loosened dirt was directed away from the glass using a channel and rubber. After this window cleaning process the windows were left looking sparkly.

The second window cleaning job of the day was a second storey one bedroom flat that had deeply soiled windows . ladder positioning from outside the property was difficult and so Spick and Span window cleaners  cleaned the glass from inside the property. This was done by raising and lowering the sash windows, and reaching out of the window to wash the glass

Spick and Span next cleaned the windows of a regular client in SE24. The three bedroom converted terrace house is cleaned  approximately once every 3 months. When cleaning the windows of this property care has to be taken in placing the ladder at the front garden so as not to damage the flower bed, also care needs to be taken to avoid the pets inside the house, also as the Homeowner often works from home care is taken to keep noise to the minimum disturbance is caused whilst window cleaning takes place. The property has two storeys at the front and three at the back, there is also a kitchen extension which has bi-fold doors which collect deposits of grease from cooking, these are thoroughly  washed inside and out . The roof-light above the conservatory is also cleaned.

Just a few yards from this property Spick and Span moved on to window clean a three storey townhouse, this properties windows are cleaned both front and back using the pure water method of cleaning. Spick and Span window cleaners use a battery operated trolley that pumps water to the head of a brush connected to extension poles, which is able to access windows on the third storey with ease. Spick and Span washed the dirt clean by agitating the dirt first with the brush and then rinsing off with the purified water,which dries spot free. Lower level glass was cleaned using conventional window cleaning methods.

Spick and Span’s window cleaning in Herne Hill was brought to a close for the day when they finished up cleaning UPVC framed windows of a ground floor flat.