Spick and Span window cleaners did a domestic window cleaning job in East Dulwich SE22 today after being contacted by email.The cleaning requirements were that two sash bay windows with multi-paned glass and two casement windows be washed externally and that some paint marks be scraped from the glass.After arriving a brief assessment was made about the best way to get to the windows as a fence outside the property restricted the safe placement of the ladder , therefore it was decided that to minimize the  risk  the windows would be cleaned from inside the flat. In preparation for the work, handles had to be unscrewed from the double glazed reproduction sash windows so that they could easily slide open and allow cleaning from the inside. To ensure that the windows were cleaned to the clients satisfaction a four stage cleaning process was employed. First a damp cloth was used to loosen the dirt, second a glass scraper lifted off paint splashes, third a micro-fibre cloth picked up the loosened remains and finally a linen cloth was used to  polish the glass and remove streaks.This same procedure was used on the other windows within the property. Within a short while the property was again looking neat and attractive with the outside glass dirt and paint free, the only marks that remained on the windows were those  on the inside of the property.

How best can marks on the inside of a window be removed?

Spick and Span window cleaners do provide an internal as well as an external window cleaning service, but if your budget only stretches as far as to have just your outside windows cleaned the answer to the above question may be of interest to you.

Many feel that the best way to clean the windows inside the home is with vinegar and newspaper or to use a popular window cleaning spray from a supermarket, but it has often been observed that these methods do not always bring the desired results.

The first thing you must remember if you are going to clean your windows internally yourself  is  your safety, make sure that whatever you stand on to reach the tops of your windows is sturdy.

To get consistent results with your cleaning use micro-fibre cloths, these can be purchased now in most high streets. lightly soak one of the micro-fibre cloths in warm water and rinse dry. Apply the cloth to the glazed pane, rubbing in either a circular motion or from side to side, being careful to move into the corners, then follow the same motion with a dry micro- fibre cloth. The result should be sparking glass that is streak free.

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