Shop window cleaners Waterloo

Today Spick & Span window cleaners cleaned the windows of an Art Gallery in Waterloo SE1. The Art Gallery owners needed the shop windows of their gallery cleaned inside and out in preparation of its launch. It was vital for them that the windows be thoroughly cleaned by professional window cleaners working in the SE1 area as time was running out for them to get the new premises in tip top condition for the gallery which was to open within the week.

After making the call to Spick & Span window cleaners arrangements were promptly made to supply the gallery in Lower marsh road with a quick response and expert window cleaning services.

It was evident when the window cleaner arrived at the gallery that the owner and assistants were very flustered and that the window cleaning was one job that they would rather outsource. They were too busy re-arranging furniture and putting art work in desired locations to attend to the windows themselves and also they required a smear free, and perfect end result.The windows of this former shop, now to be gallery were extremely dusty and grimy and had paint spots and grease that reduced natural light from reaching to the gallery within. Spick & Span window cleaners quickly got to work on the outside windows by first lubricating the glass with a window cleaning detergent and the scraped the glass to remove paint spots and grease marks. After this process was completed, Spick and Span window cleaners used a t-bar hand applicator mop and then squeegee the glass dry using an s-motion. After this had been done a line scrim was used to buff out any marks that remained. After the outside glass was washed by the window cleaner, people that were walking down this busy market road in Waterloo began to notice much more what was taking place inside the store and became aware of that gallery was opening up. Although the inside badly needed cleaning, it was quite amazing how much difference that it made now that the outside windows had been cleaned. When the window cleaner went inside the gallery it became evident by the expressions of those within that they now had confidence that the gallery would be ready in time and they seemed to be able to visualize a little more what the overall appearance would be once the work was finally complete. The window cleaned the inside windows very much the same as outside, although with greater care not to spill water. Dust- sheets were placed under the areas where the windows were cleaned. One the attendants commented on how much better the place now looked and another said that Spick & Span had done a” smashing job.”