Spick & Span window cleaners of English heritage building in SW3

Blue Plaque chelsea window cleanerSpick & Span window cleaners went out to Chelsea SW3 today to clean the windows of a property that had in the past been the home of a very notable Chelsea resident. The properties illustrious past has been marked by the English heritage society with a prestigious blue plaque.

This period property in Oakley Street,Chelsea SW3, that Spick & Span window cleaners attended, had windows that were very dirty and that had not been cleaned for many years. As result of the neglect the windows were thick with dirt and smog which was firmly attached to the wooden frames as well as the window’s surrounds.

Spick & Span window cleaners were thrilled to be asked to clean the windows of this very historic and prestigious buildingin Chelsea, and relished the opportunity to show what a difference professional window cleaning can make.

Spick & Span window cleaners used a jet wash waterfed pole and brush system, which was used to agitated the dirt on the glass and the to rinse them clean. Not only were the glass window panes cleaned this way, but also the stonework surrounds and wooden cross beams.

The difference that the window cleaning made to the appearance of the property was astonishing. The properties outside appearance is attractive again and makes a neat impression on the street.

In all this Chelsea window cleaning project took less that 60 minutes to complete, but the results should last for many months to come.

Clare – who employed the Spick & Span window cleaners to come to Chelsea  remarked that  she was grateful  for what she described as “an incredible job.”