Today Spick & Span window cleaners went down to Paddington W2 to carry out window cleaner services at a very stylish and spacious flat that is local to Paddington Station.

The flat which is housed within a period conversion townhouse had high, floor to ceiling windows, that had not been cleaned for many years, as well as other traditional glass, such as, sash windows and crickle windows which required thorough window cleaning.
This 2 bedroom Paddington property which was a raised ground floor flat had windows at the front and rear that were very difficult to access with ladders, making the work hard for average local window cleaners in Paddington.
Spick & Span window cleaners who work in and around the locality of Paddington cleaned the windows on behalf of the Russian homeowner without much difficulty. Spick & Span window cleaners are able to achieve this by using specialized professional window cleaner equipment.
Spick & Span window cleaners cleaned the windows in Paddington thoroughly inside and out, starting on the front at the outside. The external windows were scrubbed with a brush, which is specifically designed to sympathetically clean Georgian type glass, and then rinsed.
Once the work was completed at the front the window cleaner took a large stepladder inside the property, making sure to take great care not to damage the paintwork of the flats interior. The window cleaner used a window washer , squeegee and scrim to clean the large floor to ceiling windows inside the flat, and wiped out all smears and blemishes. Care was taken to catch water drips with the window cleaners applicator pad whilst window cleaning, and dust sheets were used to protect rugs and internal furnishings from getting wet.
Because the householder was unable to get access to the basement flat in advance, the side windows had to be cleaned from inside the property. This was achieved by sliding the casement window panes up and down and leaning out to wash them. The only exception to this method of cleaning was in the kitchen and 2 bedrooms where all external windows could be cleaned from the top of a rear extension roof.
The window cleaner that was booked to work in Paddington was at this property for approximately two hours and the homeowner was extremely relieved to have clean windows to look through, so much so that she even took photos!


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