Beckenham Window Cleaner

Today Spick and Span window cleaners were commissioned to clean all the outside of all windows at the front, side and back of a 5 bedroom house, located on a leafy street in Beckenham.
The 5 bedroom detached Edwardian period property in Beckenham was in desperate need of window cleaning as the house had recently undergone some repairs to the brickwork. Therefore the window frames, windows and window sills had all got rather dirty as a result of the building the process.
The job specifications for this window clean was that Spick & Span window cleaners give the windows and frames a thorough clean by hand from the scaffolding. The client was happy to pay extra for this specialized Beckenham window cleaner service. In addition to cleaning the window sills and window frames other work consisted of window cleaning the roof-lights above the kitchen extension. The roof-lights had easy clean glass, which meant that they could only be washed with pure water only, and without chemicals.
Because the windows at this property are all new windows (installed last summer) –We also had to take great care, whilst window cleaning, so that none of the glass panes got scratched from the dust or cement that had been left on the windows by the builders.
This is now the second time that Spick & Span window cleaners have been used by this client at the Beckenham property to clean the windows, although we have worked for them in the past at their previous property in East Dulwich.
Spick and Span window cleaners, local to Beckenham cleaned the windows as part of a post builders window cleaner service and in all the work took around 2 hours to complete.
The method of window cleaning used to clean the windows of this Beckenham property was the purified water method, which involves pumping water through a hose attached to a telescopic carbon fibre window cleaning pole which has a brush attached to it. The purified water is ideal because it rinses dust away from the frames and the windows.
After starting at the front work commenced at the side and then the rear of the property. The final windows to be cleaned at this property were the large glazed bi-fold doors. These were first of all scrubbed and then rinsed clean with purified water. After the completion of the work all the windows looked noticeably clear and bright and the frames were changed from being red from soot and dirt to their original white state.
All that’s left to be done now to conclude this building renovation project is for the scaffolders to remove the scaffolding.