Window cleaner used to help with sale of flat in Peckham

Today Spick and Span window cleaners went to Peckham SE15 to clean the windows of  large yellow brick detached building.The building contained four  flats,all of which were window cleaned, and one of which had recently been put up on the market, hence the call to Spick and Span window cleaners to come and help  improve the appearance of the property to help with the sale.

The timing of the work was very critical as the various flat owners had to vacate the property at different times and so Spick and Span had to be methodical in working around the property.

On the ground floor at front of property there was one large window and two smaller windows all of which were leaded glass, there were smaller windows at side of property, and two larger windows at rear of property, which were also leaded glass. Seven in total.  At the back of the property was a pitch rook glazed conservatory with glass rook and sides.On the first floor at the front was one large leaded glass window and two smaller windows , with another two small windows at the side,and three larger leaded glass windows at rear.  eight in total.On the second floor  was a Dormer/loft conversion which  had one  large leaded window at the front, one smaller casement window at the side, one smaller and one large window at rear four in total.

Of note with this job is that one of the large windows at the back of the property was over a downstairs neighbours conservatory.

First of all the conservatory roof was cleaned. This was particularly grubby and had green algae covering many of the panes. To clean Spick and Span window cleaners aggravated the the grime and dirt by using a strip washer pad and extension pole, once the dirt was loosened it was the rinsed with a hose pipe. The loft conversion windows were cleaned using a telescopic pole and purified water that was pumped through a brush , after being scrubbed the windows were rinsed with pure water. The first floor windows were cleaned the same way although they required cleaning twice as they had not been cleaned for some time.The ground floor windows were cleaned with  a strip washer and squeegee.The windows at the front and side of the house were also cleaned using the water fed pole method of cleaning with the exception of the ground floor window which were cleaned using a micro fibre cloth. After packing away machinery the work was inspected and payment was received.