Window cleaner who works in South Kensington

Today Spick & Span window cleaners went down to South Kensington, London,  SW7, near to The Royal Albert Hall to clean 2 properties and carry out Kensington window cleaning services on behalf of a Professional client who lives at this location, in a swanky  part of South Kensington.
The client was in need of a reputable Window cleaners who can perform careful and professional window cleaning in South Kensington in SW7.
Spick & Span window cleaners who are based in South London, just a short drive from South Kensington, were booked over the internet to come down to South Kensington to clean both properties.
1 property was a rented property, which needed to be cleaned as part of the terms of the Landlord. The 2nd property was to be cleaned in preparation for moving into.
Both properties were set in Mansion blocks. The rented property was a ground floor flat and had three bedrooms. The windows were very large multi-paned Victorian sash windows that had not been cleaned for years.
All the windows of this apartment had to be cleaned on the inside and the outside.
The windows of the 2nd Kensington property were all very tricky to window clean because they were on the top floor of the Mansion also had 3 bedroom, but was split over 2 levels. All the windows of these properties were cleaned using  modern window cleaning techniques along with traditional cleaning methods.
These quaint South Kensington properties  that Spick & Span window cleaners, cleaned both had spectacular views of nearby attractions such as Kensington park and the Royal Albert Hall. All the windows had multi paned sash window glazing.
In all the window work took around 4 hours to complete.
Spick & Span window cleaners were booked around 2 week in advance of the works commencement.
Spick & Span window cleaners regularly work around the Kensington area and so were more than happy to provide this client with the service.
Work began on the outside of the 1st property using a portable window cleaning machine that has a pump that helps pump water that has been pre-purified, through a hose up to the top of a telescopic carbon fibre pole which has a brush at the end. This water is transported to the window pane and loosens all dirt. This dirt is then brushed and then rinsed off of the pane leaving the glass dirt and smear free, completely spotless.
The windows were cleaned on the inside of the property with a lint free cloth window cleaners squeegee and mop and water.