Blackheath window cleaning was required today by a client there who manages an artisan bakery in Blackheath village. It was stated to us that the windows of the bakery hadn’t been cleaned for ages and required a good going over on the inside and outside and so we went to this location well prepared. Spick & Span were required to attend this job during unsociable hours so as to cause minimum disturbance to businesses, but this is not a problem and we were more than happy to comply with the request.

Spick & Span window cleaners provide commercial and domestic window cleaning services for clients in Blackheath and the Royal borough of Greenwich and are based in Lewisham just a short drive away, and have built up a reputation of reliability and trust.

Spick & Span window cleaners were more than happy to provide window cleaning services to this bakery which is a hub of the Blackheath village community and renders a very necessary purpose.

Spick & Span used glass cleaning detergents that are ideal for removing grime, fat deposits and flour residue which are common to food establishments, such as a bakery. The windows were very grimy and some of display area was difficult to clean because of the bread shelves. These obstacles were surmounted by using telescopic poles as well as window cleaning ladders. Some areas required window cleaning more than once. After carrying out a very thorough window clean, inside and outside of the premises the glass gleamed and the bakery had a much neater appearance enabling the artisan bakers to display the produce in the window display area, which is key area that the bakery is able to use to generate more sales.

Because of the difficulty to locate professional and reliable window cleaners in Blackheath
and because of the level of professionalism that Spick & Span window cleaners have displayed. This artisan bakery in Blackheath village have made and arrangements  to contract Spick & Span window cleaners  to provide a weekly clean of the bakery on the inside and outside of the windows and other windows of the shop are being considered to be added to the regular window cleaning contract.

Why not call the Spick & Span window cleaning sales team to discuss whatever are  your unique window cleaning requirements?  Whether you live or work in Blackheath, Greenwich or surrounding areas we would be happy to receive your call.

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