Window cleaning in a historic part of Camberwell

Georgian window cleaning

Today Spick & Span’s window cleaning services were required in the Camberwell Grove conservation area to clean a five bedroom period property.The end of terrace house, situated near the historic ‘Queens Row’ section of Grove Lane, a tree lined street in Camberwell, dates to the late Georgian period and required a specialist window cleaning company that could meet the cleaning demands that would be entailed in cleaning the windows  of this very tall building in SE5. The listed townhouse in Camberwell had three storeys as well as a basemen, all of which had multi-paned windows, were cleaned both on the inside and the outside by Spick & Span, window cleaners local to Camberwell SE5. area of London.

Spick & Span were informed by the properties that  are early risers and so arrangements were made at the time of this booking for Spick & Span  clean  the windows of the property in Camberwell bright and early. Spick & Span window cleaners based in Camberwell could easily meet this request as the are local window cleaners, and arrived promptly in the morning to begin work. The work began on the outside of the house, where the outlook from inside the property had become dull  due to dust deposits and thick grime. While the owners took breakfast Spick & Span cleaned all external windows  at the front of the house using a high reaching water-fed pole, which uses purified water to attract dirt away from windows. This method of cleaning was very suitable to the Georgian windows and enabled all the windows ,including ones  that had been inaccessible to previous window cleaners used by the owners.The results of the cleaning were instantly noticeable as as dirty water ran down from the glass leaving the clear and translucent once more. This same method of cleaning was repeated at rear of the building. At the rear of the home, a burst water pipe had left greasy remains on a kitchen window, this had to be thoroughly scrubbed to aggravate this deeply ingrained , but the results were worth the effort as views into the garden were made clear again from the kitchen sink within the home. Extra care was taken while cleaning with water and tools within the home to insure that no damage was caused to antique furniture and tapestries within the home.

Arrangements were made with the properties owner that Spick & Span provide a regular window cleaning services to maintain the property so that it continues to make a strong visual statement and to help the homeowners maintain the lifestyle that they want to achieve. Living in this historic and picturesque part of Camberwell.