Today Spick & Span went down to the millennium village in Greenwich SE10., and cleaned the windows of a Luxurious 9th floor Penthouse flat. The Penthouse, that was high-up on the 9th floor of this smart apartment block. consisted of  an office space as well as two bedrooms. a kitchen,and balcony area.

The owner of this property had had many problems with the window cleaning of this property. He had attempted to clean the windows himself without success, and had been refused by a number of professional window cleaning companies in the area .Eventually the homeowner came across Spick & Span window cleaners through the internet.

This proved to be one of the most complex window cleaning jobs that Spick & Span have ever encountered.The  reason for this is that the ceilings of this building were very high, and a long ladder could not be transported in the lift.The windows within the main living and office area were floor-to ceiling glazed panels,approximately 14ft. , with a mezzanine floor. The high windows had  wooden intersections separating many of the panes at the top of the room making cleaning very awkward. These very tall windows had to be cleaned on the outside also. But the very narrow balcony outside the room had a metal grated floor, which meant that a water-fed pole could not used, because water would leak through the grating  to the apartments below. The only method that could used to clean the windows of this building in Greenwich was traditional window cleaning methods. Clearly  the buildings architect had not taken into the consideration some of the difficulties that would be encountered in cleaning these windows. By employing a 3.5m. telescopic window cleaning pole Spick & Span were able to clean the windows to a good standard.

The compensation that Spick & Span received for this extremely difficult window cleaning Job in Greenwich was the delight and relief it brought to the resident of this apartment to and the satisfaction he showed in having clean windows ,also from this height the view of the river Thames was simply breath-taking! The boats that sailed along it looked the size of match boxes. In the nearby distance the Canary Wharf tower could be seen as could the stadia that are being prepared for the Olympic games which are to be held in London in 2012.This reminds us of why being a window cleaner in south east London, although can     be a challenge at times can also be so much fun!

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