Window cleaning in Sydenham Hill, SE21

Today Spick & Span window cleaners went down  to Sydenham Hill SE21 close to Dulwich Village to clean the windows of a 5 bedroom detached home set in a private road.

The homeowner contacted Spick & Span window cleaners after visiting the East Dulwich Forum and seeing a positive recommendation placed on there. Her previous window cleaner for some unknown reason had vanished without giving any notice.

Spick & Span arrive at the location in SE21 in good time and well equipped to clean the double glazed windows and uPvc frames of a very large 1960’s type property. This property in SE21 had lots of glass within it many of which were very large paned. For instance there was two sets of rather large patio doors with floor-to-ceiling glass that required cleaning as well as a glass porch and glazed front door area. Architects had really designed the house to allow plenty of light to enter this building.

Spick & Span used a method of window cleaning that suited this style of building, which had many windows, by employing the reach and wash method, a ladder less form of cleaning that uses purified water to clean window. Because this method of cleaning was employed to time to clean the windows was greatly reduced and an additional benefit was that the many Upvc window frames could be cleaned at no added cost to the client.

In some areas window had to be cleaned more than once to ensure that the detergent that was use by the previous window cleaner had been completely rinsed away from the rubber seals within the double glazed glass, which leaves spots when dry when using purified water cleaning.

The client on a couple of occasions came out to inspect what was taking place, as this cleaning method had never been seen by her before, but she was very impressed with the health and safety factor, with the window cleaner having both feet on the ground at all times as she expressed that ladders were dangerous.

After the window cleaner had completed the work at this location in Sydenham Hill he asked the client to inspect the work to make sure that she was entirely satisfied with the window cleaning. This is a comment that she later placed on the East Dulwich Forum:

“Mark  of Spick & Span window cleaning services  is the best cleaner I have ever had – routinely cleaning the frames as well as windows. The windows are sparkling, plus he’s a charming and helpful worker. Highly recommended!”