Today Spick & Span window cleaners went down to a very grand 5 storey mid-terrace building in Eaton Place, a very desirable and sought after address in London’s Belgravia SW1X, to do some window cleaner work there on behalf of a property management company.

This beautiful 5 bedroom apartment built in a classical 19th century white stucco fronted mid-terrace building had all its windows cleaned externally.

This Eaton Place, Belgravia property had many windows that needed cleaning. The type of windows in This Belgravia home that needed window cleaning were “Georgian-style” sash windows. The window cleaner cleaned windows that were of different sizes, some having six glazing panels and others having twelve panels, there were also roof lights that were cleaned in the roof terrace and a set of french doors. The windows were very grubby, some had the appearance of having never been window cleaned as there was thick dirt covering them.

The window cleaner had to change his water several times as it quickly became black with dirt .

The Belgravia window cleaner who was assigned this window cleaning task needed to provide a very specialist window cleaner service for the Belgravia properties owner, who was described by the managers as being  “very house proud and particular”.

Thorough window cleaning of this Belgravia property was achieved by using specialist window cleaner cloths, mops,chemicals and rinsing equipment. Dust sheets were used in all areas where window cleaning was done and where there was a risk of water leakage this practice was used throughout the entire duration of the window cleaning process this was to ensure that all carpets remained dry and that interior furnishings were not damaged. The window cleaner who cleaned this Belgravia home also made sure that he removed his shoes when walking through this property. This Belgravia window cleaner also went over any marks that were left on the windows with a micro-fibre cloth so as to remove water stains.

The window cleaning in Belgravia  in all  took around 5 hours to complete from start to finish. Much of this time was spent by the window cleaner in Belgravia cleaning the windows externally. He did this by lowering the sash windows and leaning outside and cleaning them. This window cleaning method was necessary, because all the windows that were cleaned were on the top 3 floors of the 5 storey Belgravia building ,and so were too high up to safely clean from a ladder outside.


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