Kensington Window Cleaners

Today a Spick & Span window cleaner went down to a street in Kensington to help one of its residents to make the windows look good for one of her guests that was soon to arrive from overseas. The Kensington based Art dealer who required the window cleaner work owns two properties in Kensington and often selects Spick & Span window cleaners to clean the smaller of her two properties, however it came as a complete surprise to be asked to come and window clean the second of her properties based in Kensington.

Spick & Span provide window cleaning in Kensington as part of Spick & Span’s Kensington window cleaner service.

Spick & Span window cleaners were tasked with was a delicate Job of cleaning the windows of this duplex penthouse mansion block apartment, which had a very fine interior. The windows were cleaned thoroughly on both the inside and the outside.

After briefly showing the Spick & Span Kensington window cleaner around the 5 bedroom apartment the owner left the window cleaner to get on with the window cleaning.

Each window cleaning project has it’s own unique and challenging circumstances. What made this  work slightly challenging to window cleaner in Kensington was that the windows were very large sashes and the windows couldn’t all open up completely which made the work slightly more labour intensive. The height of the building also presented a challenge meaning that all windows had to be cleaned from inside the property.

This stunning Kensington flat was in desperate need of window cleaner. Soot and dust particles had built up on the glass creating this hazy film, and because of this the result was that many of the properties vistas had become dull, particular the view over Hyde Park.

Spick & Span window cleaners love working in Kensington and the particular window cleaner that went to this Job relished the opportunity  to make the windows of this home shine. The excellent results that were  achieved by this window cleaning were achieved by using traditional window cleaner techniques. The equipment used on this Kensington window cleaner Job were; a squeegee, a hand mop, dust sheets, an extension pole and a microfiber cloth, a bucket and window cleaning chemical. In all the Job took around 4 hours from start to finish.

On completion the homeowner was invited to view the effects that the window cleaning had brought to the flat in Kensington,  she was very impressed that it had made such a huge difference.