Domestic window cleaner in SE15

Today Spick and Span window cleaners did a domestic window cleaning job in SE15.The work involved cleaning a two bedroom garden flat in a Victorian property internally and externally.The young couple had been in the accommodation for 18 months and the windows had not been cleaned during that time

There was a bay window at the front of the house, a fanlight above the front door, a velux window above the rear kitchen extension, two patio doors and a three pane window at the back of the kitchen. All the windows of the property were cleaned thoroughly as were all the frames.

The windows were mainly dusty due to being located on a busy road, but there was also quite a lot of grime that had stuck to the glass on the inside of the flat.

The work began at the back of the property where all the frames were  first of all wiped to remove the dust and dirt. Then to remove the stubborn grime of the kitchen windows a chemical solution was applied and the grime aggravated , and scraped and then washed .

The velux window in the kitchen was reached by using a two-section ladder, and was cleaned on the inside only after a dust cover was put in place to prevent drips from soiling work surfaces and the floor beneath. As there was a problem with the mechanism of the velux window this  was unable to be opened, and so the outside of the kitchen velux was cleaned from a ladder placed in the garden, and was reached with an extension pole . The glass was scrubbed and then squeegeed and all remaining spots and marks were rubbed out with a scrim.

Cleaning continued with the windows and patio doors at the rear of the home after which internal window cleaning was done on the front bay window.

To prevent the curtains from getting wet they were safely propped to the side to allow access to all the glass and this was cleaned in an s motion with both the hand mop and squeegee, all water runs were caught so as to prevent stains on surfaces underneath, at this point almost all the work was complete except the fanlight above the door, and the outside of the bay window, these were cleaned, as were the frames.

It was noticeable afterwards the difference in the properties appearance and the homeowners were very satisfied which was indicated by their generous tip.