Today Spick and Span window cleaners carried out the first phase of  window cleaning in a four storey house in the Camberwell side of Peckham.The home-owners  have been living in the property for six years, but had not found a suitable window cleaner during that time.

When asked why they had chosen to use Spick and Span’s services the reason given was that they had done some thorough research on the web, and read client reviews, which no doubt made them more comfortable in their selection.

On arrival to the job, the window cleaner was shown around the property, but before walking around the home he put over-shoe covers on, which impressed the home -owner, who explained that in past he had a bad experience  with less considerate tradesmen who had traipsed mud through the property, he also seemed impressed, when after the first phase of cleaning was completed, the window cleaner vacuumed up the dried paint/wood chippings that had stripped off of the weather beaten sash windows.

The work done consisted of external and internal glass cleaning, which had to be done from inside the property due to the height of the building, and also building works that were being carried out on the lower ground floor. Some of the sash windows were difficult to open, which meant that some windows had to be cleaned from on top of ledges or flat roofs, with the use of an extension pole, but in the most part the method of cleaning was using a step ladder inside the house and leaning carefully outside the window. In addition to the large pane sash window that were cleaned there was also a french door that was cleaned on the ground floor . The bay window on the ground at the front of the property was first of all scrubbed with a window cleaning detergent and afterwards scraped to remove paint spots from the glass.

During the cleaning process the home-owner regularly checked the how the work was progressing and he was visibly astonished with the difference that window cleaning had made to his property.

Toward the end of the cleaning, arrangements were made to carry out the second phase of window cleaning, which will be the lower ground section of the property,inaccessible at the time due to gardening works .The client also asked about arranging a regular cleaning schedule, as he said that the windows should have been cleaned in the property long ago.

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