Cleaning tips

One of the keys to having a clean home is to educate each individual within the home of the need to play their part. This includes young children. Teach your children the value of playing their part in  maintaining a clean home by making their beds, and helping in other household tasks, according to their age. You will be surprised by how much young children enjoy helping in cleaning the home, and this also has health benefits for them.

A top tip in cleaning you child’s finger print marks from window is to use a slightly damp micro-fibre cloth. Rub the mark from side to side applying pressure as do so. Use a dry part of the micro-fibre cloth to remove any remaining smears. The glass will now be completely transparent and the finger prints should’ve disappeared.  Window Cleaning Tips from the Pros.

 Be a shrewd consumer

When purchasing items, have in mind the cleaning time  that will be required for each item.While brass or other metallic  items seem attractive as home furnishings, remember that they are dust magnets, and over a course of years they require hours of dusting. So be careful not to be lured by the beauty of an objects appearance, try to think of the time it would take to clean, and weigh up whether you are prepared  for such an investment.When it comes to  the décor of your home  think carefully about  the  material you select to cover your walls. For instance  using semigloss to  paint walls can be a good idea, particulary if you have young children  because this can be washed very easily and still looks nice.You can rapidly reduce the investment of time in cleaning floors by remembering that smooth linoleum or wooden floors are easier to clean than a carpet. But beware of floors that require constant waxing as this can consume time.Choose the colours  of your furnishings wisely, and remember: dark upholstery shows up the dust,and  light colours are easily soiled, so look for  in-between colours, and check the fabrics  washability, try to  get something that will be easy to clean,and  will hold up to normal wear for longer.

Minimize clutter

Analyze your home to see what you could eliminate and remove items that are infrequently used. You may have to be tough with yourself on this one. If this is difficult for you to do, apply the six month test; place the infrequently used item in a box for six months and if within those six months you do not use the item  you can rest assured that it  isn’t needed. Get rid of it at once!If your house is large, close off a section, perhaps covering the furniture with old sheets and open it only when you have company or when it is otherwise needed. This will save you much valuable time.