Local window cleaner in SE22

Today Spick and Span went down to East Dulwich to clean the windows of a two bedroom flat in a converted Victorian terrace in SE22. The windows were in desperate need of a clean. The homeowner required window cleaners local to the East Dulwich area and therefore called Spick and Span to provide her with the service.The windows  of the property that needed cleaning were high up on the second storey of the property,and therefore would have been very risky for a window cleaner to reach from a ladder which no doubt was one of the reasons why they had not been cleaned by anybody  for such a long time.Three of the windows were located  at the front and two windows were at the back of the property, all were wooden framed sash windows. The homeowner was a little embarrassed by the condition of the windows, and desired only to be able to see out of them again. This was achieved through the deep methods of window cleaning that Spick and Span use.

Spick and Span window cleaners washed the windows using abrasive brushes and jets of purified water pumped through a pole. areas where water could seep through the glass were taped to prevent water ingress. The windows at the front of the house were dirtiest as they faced a busy main road and so not only were these windows  scrubbed, but they were also rinsed to ensure that all dirt was removed. high concentrations of dirt underneath the frames of the sash were also cleaned .At the back of the property  the windows were not quite so dirty being away from the road, but nevertheless still needed a good clean. The water-fed pole was used to clean one of these sash windows  but the other sash of the master bedroom could not be cleaned this way because a kitchen extension of the ground floor flat within the property restricted access to this window.Instead this window was cleaned by climbing out of the bedroom and cleaning it using traditional window cleaning methods  from  on top of the roof of kitchen extension. Care ws taken to minimize any risk in cleaning the window this way. After the final window was cleaned externally and inspection was made of cleaning to ensure that it met with the homeowners approval. After touching up a few areas a schedule was requested to have the windows cleaned every three months.