Velux cleaning

Spick and Span window cleaners went down to West Dulwich today to clean the windows of a four bedroom semi-detached house in South Croxted Road in SE21.

The homeowner was in desperate need of a window cleaner who could clean all the outside glass of the property, but particularly the velux windows of the kitchen extension, which they required to be cleaned internally and externally .

The outside of the velux windows had a green scum that covered the glass severely restricting the daylight from into the kitchen, but also looking ugly from within.Internally the velux windows had thick grease covering them, as well as stickers.the velux were cleaned on the outside using a ladder and a stand-off.

After climbing up the ladder the green algae coating the velux glass was scrubbed with a window cleaners mop attached to an extension pole, and then rinsed with a squeegee. Difficult to reach windows above the kitchen extension were cleaned using purified water pumped through a water-fed pole.

Cleaning the velux on the inside of kitchen was done using a ladder and a three stage cleaning process, so as to prevent water spillages. First a lightly damp window cleaners mop was used, second a scraper was used to remove stickers from the windows , and third a micro-fibre cloth was used to buff out any remaining marks.

The client was amazed at how much better the velux looked after cleaning. After completing the velux windows the glass in theĀ  bi-folding doors to the kitchen was cleaned using a mop and squeegee, and cement or glue spots on the glass were scraped off.

At the front of the property was a glass roof which covered the porch area this was cleaned using a water-fed pole. The front windows of the house were PVC framed and so they were cleaned along the with the glass. The top frame was cleaned first so as to remove the dirt and to prevent this from running down the window panes. following this the glass was cleaned in a side to side motion ensuring the the windows were thoroughly brushed and the rinsed down with pure water. Included in the clean was the fanlight above the front door and the glass panes inside the door itself, these were cleaned using traditional window cleaning methods. While cleaning the front of the property a neighbour also took the opportunity to enquire of Spick and Span’s window cleaning services offered in West Dulwich.

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