Window Cleaning using Reach and Wash method in Camberwell

Today Spick & Span window cleaners cleaned a property in  the Loughborough Junction end of  Camberwell on behalf of a group of students.The student who  arranged for the window cleaning on behalf of her housemates was on a strict budget and needed the work done before leaving for college, therefore the time selected for this job was early morning, but this also brought with it the challenge of keeping noise to a minimum so as to prevent disturbance to her fellow housemates that were still asleep.

At the end of the job she commented on her satisfaction with the speed that the work was done as well as the price.

The converted  period house in Camberwell had ten  windows in total , five of which were first floor, and the other  five were on the  ground floor . The window style was multi paned Georgian type sashes, therefore the method of cleaning that was suggested was the water-fed pole method of cleaning, so as to prevent lengthy time spent with detailing.

Work started at the back of the property where the windows were given a thorough rinse with purified water jetting out of an abrasive brush which scrubbed not only the glass panes making them immaculately clean , but also the wooden sash frames. Dirt  could literally be seen running down the glass panes as the purified water rinsed  above.

The student who required the window cleaning was impressed that window cleaning had moved forward from the use of ladders, and couldn’t help but observe the immediate difference that the cleaning  had brought to the kitchen window’s where she was eating her breakfast.

After cleaning the kitchen windows ,a normally difficult to reach window above a bathroom extension ,was cleaned with ease using a telescopic pole, the lower frosted bathroom windows were cleaned with the same pole that had been retracted .

After  drying the tyres sufficiently on the trolley that had transported the water and machinery  to the garden ,the trolley was then wheeled to the front of the house where the window cleaning resumed.

The three top windows at the front were noticeably dirty, particularly the top third of the window panes where road film and soot had gathered, theses were scrubbed with the high pressure jet window cleaning system, which after cleaning revealed a light airy room inside the home. Finally the ground floor sash window was cleaned as was a rectangular fanlight above the front door. The whole job was completed with this method in just forty five minutes, which was most appreciated by these student who had time constraints.

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