Today Spick & Span window cleaners went down to Brixton Hill, to what is a very busy thoroughfare of London, to help freshen up the internal and external appearance of a two bedroom Art- Deco flat, by cleaning the properties windows on both the inside and the outside.

Because this properties was located on such a busy thoroughfare  on a major artery of London the windows of the home in this SW2 postal area of Brixton needed rigorous window cleaning.The windows of this two bedroom Art-Deco flat had been badly neglected over the years and were in a very poor and dirty condition.Thousands of vehicles including buses travel up this busy street in Brixton, which no doubt accounts for why there was thick dust and soot laced over the glass and frames of the windows , making the outlook of the property misty in the extreme.The occupant of the home had never managed in the many years that she lived in the property to clean the windows herself or find window cleaners local to her area, which was why the windows were in such a poor and neglected state. She came across Spick & Span window cleaners after being referred by a local community forum and she was delighted  to learn that Spick & Span window cleaners are professional window cleaners local to Brixton,  being based just a 10 minute drive or so from her home.

Within a short time of being at the property the homeowner commented on  the efficiency and professionalism in which Spick & Span attended to the window cleaning. All the windows of the property were cleaned internally and externally as was a communal window.

Span and Span cleaned the windows with a strong window cleaning solution added to water, a window cleaning pad and squeegee and used a scrim to detail the windows making sure that no water marks were left. Within the front room the two windows there also had secondary glazing panes, which also needed cleaning. All windows were cleaned from inside the flat as there were very busy shops below making window cleaning from a ladder both impractical and dangerous from a health and safety standpoint.Although the cleaning of this property required very rigorous and thorough cleaning the diligent efforts of the window cleaners were rewarded when the  happy resident said at the conclusion of a later conversation with staff members:  “My windows look lovely, I am fully appreciating all the autumn colours through them!”

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