It is common knowledge that sunlight effects our mood. SAD syndrome, and the like, have become familiar household terms to many . In lands where there is regular sunshine people tend to be happier, whereas in lands that have less daylight and sunshine, depression runs high, even suicide.

Could this well researched and now scientifically proven fact be of any interest to window cleaners and homeowners ?Well up until recently, I thought very little about the subject until I received and email from a very satisfied client who said “that it was great to live with clean windows!” I began to think about this statement  and then to think of the reactions of many of my clients, who often exclaim how nice it is to be able to see outside again and to enjoy the view into the world outside.

There is no doubt that dirt on windows does restrict nautral light from entering into a prperty and that when a window is dirty there is an increase of shadows. This leaves the occupant of the home regularly in an environment that is light deprived and dull .Clean translucent glass, that window cleaning causes maximizes the suns rays that enter the living space enhancing the properties feel and ambience.

According to a study by researchers at the University of Michigan, U.S.A., employees with a window view perform better. Contrary to popular belief, having a view does not necessarily encourage daydreaming. The magazine Business Week reports that a 1,200-person survey revealed that “workers with views of the outside world show more enthusiasm for their jobs, less frustration, more patience, better concentration, and fewer physical ailments.” In contrast, workers in windowless cubicles are likely to be “less imaginative and more irritable” and have more problems with concentration.

Windows that are dirty could negate the potential benefits that windows serve increasing enthusiasm and  a well-being.

If the above hypothesis is true then  window cleaners are not merely “window cleaners” but “Mood Doctors” bringing a sense of well-being and brightening up the lives of the clients they serve, changing outlooks literally, and metaphysically.

There is no denying the fact that when a person has their windows cleaned they almost always comment on the immediate difference they notice.

Could it be that there is a link between clean windows and good health?

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