Today Spick and Span window cleaners cleaned a residential property in SE22.The three bed. middle of terrace Victorian house was cleaned by Spick and Span window cleaners for the second time.

It had been almost a year since Spick and Span were there last and the windows during that time had become quite grimy and were in need of a good scrub, this was particularly true at the rear of the home where water mineral deposits stains had built up on the glass.The kitchen windows too were very grimy, having thick silt on , this was removed with the use of the window cleaning solution that Spick and Span window cleaners, which is adept at cutting in to grease.The higher windows at the back were reached using the water fed method, which was neccessary above the kitchen where the roof prevented ladder access to the room above.

Whilst working in the back garden the homeowner asked how long the work would take as she wanted to get some shopping as well as cash from Sainsbury’s nearby, showing her complete trust in Spick and Span’s honesty as window cleaners she felt confident to leave the window cleaner, that she had only met for the second time unattended in the home, something that many of us may feel hesitant to do.

Spick and Span window cleaners work hard  to build up trust among it’s clients we recognise how intimidating being around strangers can sometimes, be particularly when letting them into your property.Spick and Span are trustworthy window cleaners who are CRB checked, which gives  our clients the peace of mind and assurance of allowing us to work in and around their property.Spick and Span window cleaners are members of a government recognised trade association, that fully vets it’s members to ensure that they provide a good service.When you employ Spick and Span window cleaners to clean your property in SE22 you can be sure that you are employing window cleaner that you to can trust.

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